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Coming up with an unoriginal date idea is never hard. Simply look around you, see what everyone else is doing, and copy that! While some people enjoy the traditional standby of dinner and a movie, others are looking for ways to spice up their love life and find themselves searching for fun date ideas to accomplish that. An always unique and slightly more active outing, creative dates tend to be more exciting, interactive and, most importantly, far from the norm.

Some of the most fun date ideas are the ones that challenge us to do things that we might otherwise not do. Not for the weak of heart, fun, exciting dates are more appropriate for those who know each other fairly well rather than a couple on a first or blind date. Try doing something extreme that not only creates a great time but brings you closer to the one you're with. For outdoor excitement, go white water rafting, bungee Jumping or, for the super brave, skydiving. Looking for a more relaxed yet equally thrilling date idea?

Rent a hot air balloon at sunset and enjoy wine and snacks as you glide through the clouds and admire the view below. Just keep in mind that the balloons tend to drift with the wind and are actually a lot maller than they seem, so if you're afraid of heights, hot air balloons may not be for you. While exciting date ideas tend to be the out of ordinary, fun dates dont necessarily need to be extreme and there are plenty of creative dates that can be taken with a few less risks.

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No matter where you live, there's bound to be a wine vineyard or brewing factory nearby. Grab your partner and take a day trip to the site to enjoy their wine or beer selections and take a tour of the grounds. Most vineyards and breweries have restaurants on the premises, so make it a day trip and enjoy a relaxing dinner together in the evening. For those who aren't quite used to drinking throughout the day, you may want to arrange tor transportation to and trom your destination since the wine or beer samples are likely to be abundant.

If drinking isn't your thing, head to the nearest city to take in a theater or comedy show. Unsure of which you'd prefer? Analyze your preference by basing it on your favorite movies. If it's drama or romance you like, the theater is your best bet. From musicals to plays, there's always something going on at a performance center and, even if it's not Broadway, it's likely that a local theater group is performing each eekend.

If you prefer watching films that make you laugh, such as Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler or even the slapstick of the Three Stooges, a comedy show could make for a really fun night. If you dont live near any large comedy clubs, go online or search through the local newspaper to learn about any comedians visiting local bars or nightclubs. No matter what your energy level, there's always a fun date idea for everyone. Whether you prefer roaming through the great outdoors or staying in, a creative date makes for a fun date and the more unique, the better.

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