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Critical Analysis Top Dog Under Dog

While booth is n awkward person, he tends to try to take the easy way out by doing illegal stunts such as robbery which causes a turning point in the play.In this analysis I Am mainly arguing whether this story was a reenactment of the death of Abraham Lincoln; when he was killed by John Wilkes Booth in an assassination.My main argument is whether it was a racial thing to reenact the assassination but using African Americans in poverty to contribute the roles of one of the biggest assassinations in U.

S Offence 2 history.

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Both brothers going through rough times and Lincoln getting fired and being out of a job. They both have nothing to rely on but Booth thinks getting his brother Lincoln back into the game will change their financial stance significantly. The use of “Lincoln” and “Booth” provides a means of rewriting history in terms of an ironic textually and a parodied reversal. This becomes a case of laughter in which Parks’ ironic use of the names works to undermine the social history of the US and slavery.

This irony is the fact that Lincoln arcade job is an Abraham Lincoln impersonator, assassinated daily by paying customers. This figure of the black man playing as a white man. As the figures of the white assassin can be made black, these become roles which any individual can take up in his or her own celebration. Yet, what this shows is that such imagery is not merely a formal of history, but rather that it encodes a deeper logic. That is, beneath the play of names and the reversal of black and white, Top dog/Underdog plays on the logic of chance and inevitability.

On the one hand, the characters’ narrative fate is preordained by their names; on the other hand, they have a choice, a chance to rewrite the historical narrative f Booth killing Lincoln. That the black Booth kills the black Lincoln in the end is explained through the logic that blacks Offence 3 have no one to blame but themselves for black on black violence; it is a matter of “individual” responsibility. Context: Topped/Underdog is in time era of about roughly 1 ass’s. These late summer nights puts two grown brothers in a tiny boardinghouse room to work through their past, present, and possible futures.

The room is rented by the younger of the two, Booth, a petty thief and wannabe threaded Monte street cutlers; the rent is paid by the elder brother, Lincoln, an arcade performer and former card hustler who has sworn off the cards. Characters: Booth (cards) is a black male who is little brother to Lincoln. He is a daily thief who steals everything he desires. Booth is a guy who thinks he is a know it all but in reality is just a crazy bipolar idiot who thinks he has a plan for everything. Booth tries to learn the hustle game 3 card Monte by pressuring his brother Lincoln into teaching his the cheats and skills of the game.

Drop out in school and tells everyone lies o get what he wants such as making Links wife have an affair. He is the murderer because he kills his brother Lincoln in an Offence 4 altercation where Booth felt as if his brother Link robbed him of his entire inheritance Lincoln (Link) is a Black male in his ass’s. He is big brother to Booth. Lincoln is a relaxed chilled character who keeps small. He went to school and worked at an arcade imposing as honest Abe to make a living at a low pay salary. He used to hustle people for their money in a game called card Monte. Ft the gang and hustler life to save his life and get on the eight track because he seen his partner get murdered. Link is very unconfined in his motives and feels that whatever he wants to do is not the right way such as when he is goanna lose his job; he overreacts and is not confident that he will not get his job back. Link is smart; he learns from his mistakes when his friend was murdered. Grace is a Smart intelligent woman who is studying cosmetology. She dates Booth and is supposedly in love with Booth since she was a little girl so says Booth. She is beautiful; she knows how to have a lot of fun and knows what she wants in life.

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