The Definition of Post Test Club

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Post Test Club is a social support group for all clients tested whether infected with HIV or not. It was established to respond to the expressed needs of the tested clients for ongoing support. Membership Values; Membership is open to all clients who have taken the HIV test irrespective of their results. The principle of anonymity and confidentiality applies for those members who so wish. Members who have tested positive or negative and are willing to  go public to share their life testimonies are trained in public speaking .

They promote the openness i. e ,to declare publicly that he was infected with HIV.  To help sustain the behavior change process of persons who received voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) and serve as a forum for reducing stigma by providing education and information as well as support and counseling. To promote openness about HIV/AIDS and enhance the psycho-social adjustments of those infected and affected. To contribute to the national effort to prevent further spread of HIV/AIDS .

To increase understanding of adolescence , sexuality and reproductive health. To promote safer sex, life skills development and child adolescent rights plus responsibilities. To provide on-going psycho-social support to the members and increase public awareness of HIV/AIDS . To bring the reality of HIV/AIDS to the general population ,and demonstrate by example that people living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) can still lead a health and productive life . To help reduce stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS.

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Post Test care and Support Services Provide medical information about HIV/AIDS including general HIV knowledge, disease progression, ARVs, opportunistic infections (OIs), family planning, environmental health and positive living so that clients can proactively take control of their own health and reduce the risk of transmission.  Provide legal information so that HIV infected individuals can protect their rights and the rights of their families.  Help members to make decisions about disclosure to friends, family and the community.  Provide a secure and inviting environment where members have access to resources, support and counseling free of charge . Help to link clients to needed services for economic, social support.  Provide referrals to other care and treatment programs.  Reduce stigma and discrimination around HIV and HIV testing. Provide support to HIV discordant couples. By working with couples specifically, the program seeks to support discordant couples and reduce gender violence and HIV transmission within marriages. Routine operations:  On-going supportive and preventive counseling: This service is offered on a  walk  in basis and is carried out daily by the counselor and counseling attendants.

Counselling is provided to members on FP/TB/HIV/ AIDS and otherhealth related issues including Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT), Anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) and health promotion.  Medical Consultation and Treatment: Members consult and receive treatment for simple ailments ,opportunistic infections and sexually transmitted diseases. The medical booth is open daily and qualified health professionals provide services. 3. Group Activities: Every Saturday members meet for educational talks on HIV/AIDS and other related topics, they also participate in recreation activities (video and games AND drama).

These activities take place in the morning to afternoon( 09H00 -14H00) . They share experiences and provide peer support to one another. An activity roaster for HIV/AIDS sensitization for the week is developed and programmes allocated. Community Education and Sensitization : The Post Test Club members are involved in sensitizing the communities and YOUTH through music, dance, drama, poetry , and sharinglife testimonies. Capacity and Skills Building: NTIHC PTC trains some members as youth corner attendants. These members provide services to the TEENS.

Members engaged in income generating activities (IGAS) are given training skills on management of the projects.  Leadership Skills: The executive committee members of PTC are trained in elementary leadership skills.  Condom promotion and peer education: Trained PTC members do peer education in the communities and distribute free condoms simultaneously minimising condom abuse. Distribution of IEC Materials: Members receive IEC materials for consumption and distribute some to communities. They mainly distribute.

Family Planning Services: Family planning information,counseling, and methods are provided daily in the FP clinic by counselling medical personnel and reproductive health attendants. 1 Couple Club Activities: Members whose spouses have also tested are encouraged to participate in the couple club activities. It facilitates fellowship and handles special topics that are of interest to couples such as discordant relationships, marriage and divorce issues,domestic violence, and gender issues.

PTCs have been able to do remarkable things in the battle against HIV/AIDS:  Through music, dance and drama, they perform in community centers, churches and schools to teach people about HIV/AIDS. - They encourage people to be tested, and then teach people how to avoid nfection, and if infected, how to avoid spreading the disease.  They support each other showing love and care, providing material assistance to the most needy widows and orphans among them, working together on projects, and pooling resources to pay for member’s funerals. Their motto is “Living Positively. " Regardless of their disease status,they believe a positive attitude will help them and their loved ones through difficult times.

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