The Customer Complaint Issue

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Introduction There is a complaint letter sent by Dr. William E. Loflin. They were extremely upset and very insulted by the experience. He said that our staff is not well trained and overtly rude. There are several problems that he complaint about our service, but he still think the food was excellent. Here are the ways to solve the issue. Recommendation I suggest company should organize a training course for the staffs. The training provides staff with increased skills and abilities.

Using the common cases of complaint customer and teaches the staff how to handle the problems in a right way and therefore increases the quality service. Also, it provide a time for staff build up the team spirit. Since customers are more demanding, restaurant should increase the service quality that can provide an edge of competitive advantage and meet the satisfaction of customers. Also, the service not only including how the staffs serve the guest when they in the dining room but also the whole process in the restaurant, from the entrance area to bill presentation and the farewell, all the performance must be done well.

Staffs always follow the rules and regulation set by restaurant management, but they overlook their service skills is the first impression of the customers. Therefore, the staff should know what quality is, it doesn’t only means providing the food and environment but the service are also important. Understanding how to meet the customers’ expectations can add value in a delighted result. Moreover, restaurant can execute the performance appraisal every month. Establishing performance standards to the staffs, the customer feedback and supervisor observation can be affecting the appraisal.

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The appraisal will be show to the staff, see how well they did and the mistakes. And, the best of the staff will post it on the board and bonuses; therefore the staff can build up the strengths and overcome the weaknesses. Since employees are unaware of the identify the shopper, supervisor should announce that mystery shoppers will go to restaurant. Mystery shopper can give valuable feedback on the potential problems such as environment, service, food and beverage. Therefore, the staff will know where they did wrong and improve it.

For the customers, when performance did not match their expectation, problems arose when services or products were unavailable, performance is slow, or where the service or product was unacceptable, the customer will not return anymore. The way to solve the service problems is to put a comments card on the table or brought by server at the conclusion of the meal. It can allow customer to evaluate the meal experience and any dissatisfaction. After receive it, restaurant must improve the issue immediately so that it can maintain a good service for the customers.

Finally, we can reply a apologize letter to Mr. Loflin and send him a coupon to build a good relationship. Because most of customers did not say anything and don’t return to the restaurant anymore. Mr. Loflin sent a letter to us, it means he wants the restaurant do any improvement and he will still go to this restaurant for the meal, therefore we sent him a coupon to invite him go to the restaurant and we would improve the issue that we made, so that he would be satisfaction when returning to our restaurant.

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