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The Case of Alice in Wonderland Autographed by Summer Encyclopedia Brown

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Leroy Brown (a.k.a. Encyclopedia Brown) is a smart fifth grade boy. He has more books than anyone in his hometown ofl daville. His dad is the chiefof police and secretly his son helps him with his cases. The newest case is about a jewel thief. He had recently got arrested stealing from Idavilles local jewelry store, but he had stolen jewels from all over the state. When he got arrested he told Chief Brown that he couldn't remember where he had put all the other stolen jewels. So that night at supper time as Chief Brown was discussing his case with his wife, he told his son and wife about some letters they found and how they had a funny smell of onions on them. Encyclopedias brain was starting to work. The thief also told Chief Brown that he drank a cup of onion juice every day for his health.

Yuck! So, Encyclopedia examined the letters and realized that the thief was using the onion juice as invisible ink. Chief Brown then called all the towns that the thief had stolen from to let them know about the letters and where he had hidden their jewelry. Hooray! The Case of the Autographed Alice in Wonderland During the summer Encyclopedia Brown worked from his garage to help the kids in the neighborhood. A five-year-old girl named Melissa needed his help. She loved tea parties. She told Encyclopedia about how a kid named Bugs Meany wanted her to trade him one of her stuffed animals for a booked called Alice in Wonderland. He said she would like it because the book had a tea party in it. Melissa also told Encyclopedia that the book ended up being broken. Now Bugs Meany was a leader of a group of tough, bigger boys and they weren ' t very nice .

Encyclopedia and Melissa examined the book closer and notice that they ere pages tom out and it looked like there was some sort of fake looking autograph in it. They headed over the find Bugs, so Encyclopedia could get Melissa's stuffed animal back. He tricked Bugs into writing the authors name so he could prove the autograph was fake. The signatures ended up looking exactly alike. Melissa got her stuffed animal back and Encyclopedia solved another case. The Case of the Lemonade Stand Sally was Encyclopedia Browns junior partner in the detective business. One day she ends of punching the school bully Bugs in the chin for trying to steal a kid' s bike. After that happened they took off on their bikes to go to South Park to watch their friends Little League game.

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It was a very hot day, so they decided to stop at Sonia's Lemonade Stand. She was happy to tell her friends that she made three hundred dollars and the T.V. station did a news story on her. After they drank their lemonades they helped Sonia pack up her stand because her mom was calling for her to come home. The next day Encyclopedias phone rang. and it was Sonia. She was upset as she was telling him how she left the money inside the stand when they had packed it up. This was right down his alley because he always liked helping his friends and solving a case if there was one. He rode out on his bike to meet up with Sally, so they could help with getting Sonia's money back. The two kids made their way into the lemonade stand and immediately they stepped into a trap.

Bugs comes out of nowhere and starts screaming for the police. A policeman shows up and Bugs starts telling him that Encyclopedia and Sally had stolen Sonia's lemonade stand money, but the two kids knew they were being framed. Since Encyclopedia was such a good detective he could prove that he and Sally were innocent. Right behind them the money still sat on the shelves nice and neatly the way Sonia had put it the day before. Since they were in fact innocent the officer drove behind them while they rode their bikes to the bank, so they could deposit Sonia' s money. Money saved, and another case solved!

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