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Understanding the Meaning of the Story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a Novel by Lewis Carroll

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In order to be able to understand a complicated story as Alice‘s Adventures in Wonderland we should take into account some important things This script is an adaptation of the original book, so it is important to have it into account when we try to explain its meaning, The writer of this novel, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, best known by his pen name Lewis Carrol, was not just a writer but also mathematician and logician, so in his story he plays with logic, even though sometimes it looks like it has no logic at all, Through the years many people have tried to understand and explain the meaning of such a complex story, but there are different theories. Even though all the scenes we took are not consecutives they are all from Act One, and still are in a chronological order, although we skip certain scenes between them.

One In the original script, as in the original novel, firstly Alice appeared with his sister reading a book to her about history, because of what Alice complains for it has no pictures and says that in her own world all the books would be filled with pictures and nonsense After that her sister goes on reading and Alice begins to fell sleepy, Because of this we could, and many people has done it, interpret it as if Alice simply falls asleep and everything is a dream of her. Moreover, it is said that Lewis Carrol based his story in the real Alice’s dreams Also the fall into a rabbit-hole could be a metaphor of the scape into literature, as a pun of Carrol to the fall that we are experimenting through diving into the story.

Scene Four After being some Lime in Wonderland, Alice encounters a caterpillar who is smoking in a mushroom. He keeps repeating to her “Who are you?”, The most certain interpretation of this would be that Alice doesn‘t know who she is anymore, maybe because she loses herself in Wonderland, or maybe because she feels so in her daily life The real Alice was beginning puberty, so that could be a representation of how we feel somehow lost and do not know who we are or what are we going to do when we get to adolescence. Also this could be seen to in the size changes that she mentions, meaning the changes your body suffers too at that times, 3 Scene Six Some time after her talk with the caterpillar, she encounters a Cheshire cat, whom she had met before in the duchess‘ house in the fifth scene.

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This cat is grinning all the time and annoying herr If we pay attention, the cat makes philosophical points that are true, but confuse Alice even more. She is just worried of the madness of the place and his inhabitants, but we could think: who is the real mad when you are the only one who thinks different? Also, as Jerry Maatta said in an article that I found really interesting: “Is it that everyone alive is mad being alive, or everyone dreaming him- or herself away is mad due to the escape from reality?”i 4. Scene Seven This scene could be considered one of the most famous and acclaimed ones within the whole story, In this scene there is a lot of humour and puns, but also riddles that has no explanation at all in the story. Also, the time plays an important role in this scene, as, again, it does in puberty.

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