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Alice In Wonderland – Lewis Carroll

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Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was born on 27th January 1832.  He was better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll, was an English writer of world famous children’s fiction, Alice in wonderland and its sequel through the looking glass.  He was noticed for his facility at word play, logic and fantasy. His genre are children’s literature, fantasy literature, mathematical logic, poetry, literary nonsense, linear algebra, voting theory.

His works are Alice’s in wonderland, The hunting of the snark, A tangled tale and so on. Finally he died on 14th January at Guilford,Surrey in England. Lewis Carroll’s book is full of fanciful characters each one adding a bit of humour and dimension to the story.  When Alice falls down the rabbit hole she encounters various talking animals and an unusual queen. Alice is the protagonist of a story a little girl who goes on the adventure in wwonderland. The first character she meets is the white rabbit, he reappears throughout the book and act as Alice’a guide, which is amusing because he doesn’t seem to know even what time it is.

Alice’s adventures in wonderland by Lewis Carroll is a story about Alice who falls down a rabbit hole and lands into a fantasy world that is full of weird, wonderful people and animals.  It is classic children’s book that is also popular with adults. I never expected the events that happened because they were bizarre and unpredictable. I loved the Cheshire cats wit and intelligence.  I also love the hatter because his eccentric people I know. My favorite part was when Alice met the caterpillar, this was because of his ambiguous conversation with Alice.

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The caterpillar is like a very wise man who provides Alice with away to control her growth.  The caterpillar who is not very friendly, is helpful by advising her to eat from the mushroom if she wants to change her size.  The caterpillar teaches Alice how to cope with the difficult situations she encountered in wonderland. She shows her how to change size by eating mushroom and thereby to adapt to her environment when  needed. He is smoking a hookah on the top of a mushroom. This character many felt was representing drug use with the hookah and the magic mushrooms such make her change size.

Another character is a smiling cat  who can disappear and reappear at will named the Cheshire cat.  It is funny because sometime the cat leaves but his huge grin remains behind.  The Cheshire cat represents the time between adulthood and childhood.

He reveals to Alice how although you follow the rules.  The rules can change after you have become comfortable with them.  She then moves and comes in contact with the hatter and The queen of hearts.  They play an important role as antagonists in the story The hatter is the leader of a perpetual tea time.  The queen of hearts is the mad tyrant who rules wonderland. The queen represents an old person who had become quite mad.  As Alice grows stronger and uses reason more, the queen is becoming less reasonable and mad. As Alice grows stronger and uses reason more the queen is becoming less reasonable and mad.

In part because of its popularity with children and in part because of the fascination it has for adults.  Alice’s adventures in wonderland has become one of the most widely interpreted pieces of literature ever produced.  Victorians praised Lewis Carroll wordplay and brilliant use of language. Critics after his death found psychological clues to Carroll’s own subconscious in the book curious dream structure and the strange and often hostile creatures of wonderland.  During the 1960s many young people read the book as a commentary on the contemporary drug culture. Alice’s adventures in wonderland and its sequel through the looking glass and what Alice found there still fascinate critics, who continue to find new readings and new meanings in Carroll’s stories for children.

The book is very complex and has a lot of symbolism conveyed through the characters and setting.  He intricately weaves a story using these characters and many more lesser ones to tell his story.  I believed that it is a clever book that I world have preferred when I was younger because now I have different taste in books.  Carroll has depicted a unique world that I hadn’t seen before. This why I believe it is a book that I would recommend. His goal was to teach a lesson to children about growing up in an entertaining way.  Each character teaches Alice something about life and growing up in a dangerous world

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