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Left brain VS Right brain Matthew Stafford Davenport University 10/25/2012 Right Brain Your brain processes and reacts to certain situations in many different ways. This is directly due to either being left brain or right brain. What is left brain or right brain you ask? People use either side to approach solutions to a variety of problems with different outcomes. People who are left brain tend to approach each problem with an analytical point of view. Right brain thinkers tend to arise at solutions based on their understanding of relationships.

We will discuss how each side of the brain can have negative or positive impacts of solutions, and will give detail information on each side. (Dr. J. Robert dew, 1996) The brain-dominance theory is the study of the relationship between the brains left and right hemispheres. Roger Sperry a noble prize winner first initiated the study in 1996 and has found that each side of the brain processes information quite differently. Most people don’t even realize they only use a certain side of their brain to come to a solution for a problem.

Left brain thinkers tend to focus more on data and collecting all information very thoroughly before making a decision. On the other hand, right brain thinkers tend to be quite the opposite. Those who use their right hemisphere of the brain likes to jump to solutions using the perceptions they have already known. Right brain thinkers are more of the laid back, mind relaxing and tend to arrive at solutions using brainstorming and/or uses the cause and effect diagram. Right brain thinkers also identify root causes of problems by using the five-why method.

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Right brain thinkers also tend to use understanding of relationships to help determine a possible solution outcome and also views quality as a process for continuous improvement in which controls are only temporary. Being a right brain thinker may be negative because the person does not collect all data before arising at solution, this may lead to an unanswered outcome. Being a right brain thinker also has some advantages also. If you have a problem with a certain person, you’re feeling toward that person may be right and this will save you some trouble in the future.

Left brain thinkers have a different way at arriving to solutions then right brain thinkers do. They solve their problems through the use of data. Left brain thinkers also have work done by individuals who are assigned to study a system using an orderly approach. Being a left brain thinker can have negative impacts such as not realizing the intent of another person in time to catch what they are up to, this in turn can be very dangerous. But left brain thinkers do develop solutions using logical analyses of all the facts.

They also tend to identify root causes of problems by elaborately categorizing possible causes and using strict rules for questioning. Left hemisphere thinkers also try to improve quality by studying specific variations within a system. They establish controls in the early stages of a system that will ensure quality is controlled throughout the systems life cycle. (Herman N, 1982) Verbal and non-verbal processing of information have a huge impact on how well a student may be in school.

A left brained student has trouble in expressing themselves in words when working on a creative paper. While right brained students may know what they mean, but often have a hard time finding the right words to say. Right brain students often have to back up everything visually. If it’s not written down they most likely won’t remember it. This is true in my case, I do have hard times remembering something the next day if it is not written down somewhere. I am right brained and had that pointed out a lot by my family and friends.

I remember my friend Brent saying “ Matt, you would lose your head if it wasn’t connected to your body. ” I also tend to have a hard time following through on a lecture unless I know exactly what it is on and what the overview of the lecture is. I try to first look at the answer of a question then try going back to the actual question. Being right brained for me has a real negative impact on my studies, because, I tend to miss the smaller steps to a problem and more often than not, the steps I’ve missed are often the more important ones.

The ways in which I can become a better student and have a more stabilized study pattern is to simply try to adopt more of the left brain patterns such as using all data to arise at a solution. Also being able to actually focus on each problem as they arrive and take time to solve each problem thoroughly will be a great addition to my learning tools. For decades people have been using learning tools to help them arrive at better outcomes to their problems. In today’s world we now have more studies being conducted to help that process be more transitional to more understanding of different methods.

The left brain or right brain theory is a great tool to help the person understand exactly how their learning process is conducted and helps them develop new ways to better outcomes. In this paper I have shown in details how each hemisphere of the brain processes information and how each hemisphere can have either a negative or positive impact on a person’s life. References Herman N, (1982) (Los Angles, CA: the whole brain Corporation) Dr. Robert J. D, (1996), Are you a Right-Brain or Left Brain Thinker pp. 91-93

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