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The Biggest Regret That I Had In My Life

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Every day, I had to live in a world with a regret I called a son. That regret was named Charlie. Charlie was a courteous child with blonde hair drowned in gel and a shirt always tucked in a neat fashion. He chose his words carefully to present a sophisticated character. Such a demeanor was rare in Trouver, a city full of uneducated hoodlums and people that lived without a single care in the world. Cordelia, my spouse, loved him as any other mother would. I was skeptical. I had always found the chance to point out his flaws whenever Cordelia wasn’t present. Usually, he would stay silent, but occasionally he snaps and hurls malicious comebacks. There was a peculiarity that bothered me greatly about him. That peculiarity was finally revealed soon after he turned fifteen by the end of March.

On March 31, 1991, our family celebrated Charlie’s day of birth. Cordelia organized the party while I busied myself with work. Cordelia ordered me to get dressed for the party. Exhausted, I sighed and drunk a glass of wine to help get me through the day. After I changed into fancy attire, I tidied my office and greeted the early guests. Cordelia had really outdone herself with the party. There was a long table crowded with various foods ranging from baked potatoes served with lobsters to a three-tier birthday cake. Decorations were placed everywhere and a huge banner was hung across the room with bold letters read, “Happy Birthday Charlie!” After mingling and continuously drinking, it was time for Charlie to blow out the candles. He was nowhere to be seen.

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Cordelia urged me to sober up and to search for Charlie and fetch him out to the party.

On cue, I grunted and searched many different rooms in the house but haven’t found him to no avail. Frustrated, I go to Charlie’s bedroom. What I witnessed caused rage to blind my vision, and banished my composed behavior. Charlie was kissing another person, but not of a different gender. In a blind rage, I screamed at Charlie and the boy. Startled, Charlie and the boy pulled away from each other and ran out of the room together to where the party was. I staggered towards them in a drunken motion. In desperation, Charlie wailed at me to stop. Many guests had gathered around to witness the commotion and shook their heads. Without hesitation, Charlie slapped me. I was shocked. Holding my cheek, I watched as Charlie ran out of the house.

Hours after the party, I had some time to think. I finally came to the conclusion that things needed to be changed. I asked Cordelia to force Charlie to talk to me. Eventually, Charlie agreed. Stammering, I gave a long apology for all the wrongs I’ve done for him and announced my acceptance for who he is. Taken back, Charlie closed his eyes and sighed. After a minute of silence, he smiled and put a hand on my arm. He forgave me. I felt grateful for his generosity and kind soul. For the first time in our lives, we hugged. After that day, I realized that Charlie wasn’t the issue. I was. I never contempted Charlie after that.

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