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Our Biggest Enemies Is Always Ourselves

Our biggest enemies is always ourselves People work long hours because they fear poverty.People eat too much because they fear starvation.People get married because they fear being alone and so on.

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On balance, we always fear something, but fear never does. We needn’t fear to disappear completely because some degree of caution is to avoid tragedy. While I was thinking about my fear of heights, I couldn’t climb high enough. When I thought about a necessary cleaning job, I had motivation and so on.

But, one day, when I realized that it was not fear of heights, I was able to climb where I needed to go. And I shine a light on that shadow of fear by finding a motivator to focus on instead of my fear. When we focus on fear, on the shadows, all we see are the shadows. If we look for the light or turn on a light ourselves, the shadows disappear, or at least lessen greatly. Fear is entirely imposed on ourselves by ourselves. Rarely is fear imposed on us. Even in movies and at theme parks we choose to frighten ourselves.

We need to be as determined and as vigilant about freeing ourselves from our adopted fear. And for this, say to ourselves “I am not afraid of this and I can do this. I am taking control of myself. “Repeat it until it becomes a part of your being. And a few times before you do what you must do and what you were afraid to do. Be sure you have motivation for doing it first. You can think about your motivator as you do whatever caused you to fear before. Just do it! Then be proud of yourself. You have overcome the most powerful enemy you will ever have.

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