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the best movie I have ever seen

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In my personal opinion Avatar is the best movie I have ever seen. I loved everything about the movie, especially the state-of-the-art technology. When I first saw the trailer for Avatar there were no famous actors in it but the thing that did draw me into seeing it was the amazing scenery. Most of the scenery in the movie reminded me of a tropical rain forest except the rain forest literally jumps out at you. After I saw Avatar for the first time with my older brother and dad, I felt like walking outside and hugging a tree.

The director James Cameron has been working on this film for more than 15 years and a budget over 300 million. James Cameron’s Avatar is like nothing you have ever seen. The movie unfolds on a digitally created world called Pandora, the craziest world you can’t even imagine. Huge rock formations hang miles above the ground with waterfalls running off them into the air; flowers that look out of this world hide in the ground if you so much as touch them; little floating flowers that swim through the air like little jellyfish off the sacred tree.

Since the movie is in 3D most of this beautiful scenery dances before your eyes. On the beautiful plant of Pandora, humans seek to find mineral deposits of Petroleum which is worth more than diamonds. The problem is not finding the Petroleum it’s the native forest people called the Na‘Vi. The Na’Vi live in a tree that’s as big as a skyscraper, the huge tree is sitting on top of the richest Petroleum deposits. The military wants to take action to force the Na’Vi out of their homes but the scientists urge the military to let them try a more diplomatic approach before they take action.

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This is where the scientist recruits a young paraplegic soldier, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), to infiltrate them by linking his mind to one of their bodies, genetically bred by the army for the purpose. They put Jake in a device that lets him control one of the Na’Vi bodies so he can move among their people and earn their trust. While all this is happening Jake is safe at the military base sitting in this machine for hours like a vegetable.

The reason why they choose Jake for this assignment is because his older brother was on this mission but died. The military didn’t want to get rid of the avatar so they found his twin brother Jake to help. Jake acts as a spy for the humans learning the ways of the Na’Vi but in time falls in love with the Na’Vi princess, he starts to wonder if he’s really on the right side. Most movies that I see I can easily predict what was about to happen or going to happen in the future. But I could never have guessed most of the things that happened.

When I saw Avatar it was like I was in this futuristic dream that I couldn’t escape from, not that I wanted to even leave for a second to go to the bathroom. I remember having to go to the bathroom really bad after drinking a large coke; I held it in for most of the movie until I couldn’t any longer. Avatar has been nominated for 9 Oscar awards. Those nominations are best art direction, best cinematography, best directing, best film editing, best original score, best picture, best sound editing, best sound mixing and best visual effects.

There were no performance nominations; I’m not surprised at this because the visual effects and graphics are what draw you in to see the movie. In my opinion the acting wasn’t good or bad it was just ok. I think this movie would have done much better than it has if Cameron higher some better known actors such as Leonardo Dicaprio. Above all I would highly recommend going to see this big-budget mainstream film. If you can go to the loudest, biggest, brightest theater you can find and if you go deaf or blind from seeing this movie it will be well worth it.

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