My Best Vacation Ever

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My best vacation ever was my first trip to Disneyland. Something that I have always dreamt about was about to come true. First we researched ticket prices. We found a great price on So Cal City passes including three theme parks. The next step for us was finding a place to stay. All hotels were booked around the Disneyland park. We found a great deal 20 minutes away. Our trip was booked. We were counting down the days, looking for landmarks along the drive, and restaurants on a budget we never tried. I would Like to tell you about my best vacation ever. As we entered Disneyland we were amazed.

The park opened October 5, 1955 and was built In 365 days but It look brand new. As we walked down main street towards the castle, we could smell all the concessions, because they pump smells throughout the park. The castle looked closer than It really was, this was because of a force perspective In the buildings on Mall Street. As your exiting It looks much larger. Also the buildings are designed to look bigger than they actually are. While standing in line for various rides, we searched Disneyland secrets. We found out that there is a quarter of a basketball court and ping pong table inside the top third of the Mattering.

This is a break room for employees only. When we were planning for our trip we used principle. Com After searching hotels around the park that could fit 6 people our luck ran out. The only available rooms were the parks signature hotels for $800 a night which was way out of our budget. We searched nearby and found Chase Suite Hotel twenty minutes away in Bread, California. So we booked a two bedroom suite through the hotels website at an incredible price. The rooms were amazing, and private. It was like a large apartment with a full sized kitchen and living room. I highly recommend this hotel.

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