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The Azande

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There are several institutions at play in modern day American culture function inning similarly to the witchcraft among the Cezanne people. For instance, within my culture, the Government dictates who punished when confronted with a crime. While The Cezanne place e the blame on witchcraft.

Both use justice in a sense to place blame for an unfortunate happy inning, whether it be decided by an oracle, or common law. Whether it be a judge or an oracle, a sentencing verdict is decided in both cult rues. The ways of American law may be seen as more civilized, and the Cezanne may seem tab 00. The methods of the poison oracles, which included the envenoming of animals to observe t heir deaths and make assessments, is vaguely similar to the tests done on rodents, and other animals in research labs.

Both of which can and have been labeled unorthodox in the past. Its SAA d in The Cezanne culture that witches may have caused harm unintentionally, and that sorcerer s do so intentionally. Also, related in our society is the psychopath. Some believe that you are both with an instinct to kill without selector, while others believe that you are strictly Think about the ways in which members of your society are compelled to bee eave in socially acceptable ways. How do these differ from one another?

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Members of today's society are expected to behave in socially acceptable way due to fear of retribution. For example, due to the impending threat of prison, or other capital punishment, a crime would usually not be committed. These means of socially behaviors differ from each other greatly. To contrast American Culture who mainly have regular criminals with faulty intentions, The Cezanne only have sorcerers with a vendetta against the victim. The Cezanne can only speculate whom they argued with has hexed them.

They also have ways to reprimand, although their old unethical forms of punishment, such as tying individuals to ant hills have been done away with. Both measures were used as a basis of r social control. Is there a "logic" to The Cezanne belief in witchcraft and the casualty of misfire nun? Within The Cezanne culture, there is a logic behind their belief in witchcraft an d the casualty of misfortune. While reading a section from Culture Sketches by Holly Peters Golden, the quote from an Cezanne man put many aspects of The Azans De thought process into perspective.

After a man had hanged himself, due to an altercate on with his brothers the man stated only crazy people commit suicide; if everyone who was angry with their brothers committed suicide there would soon be no people left in t he world; if the man had not been bewitched he would not have done what he did do (19 37;. 71 v Personally, this quote opened my eyes to the ways that someone raised in HTH complex civilization would make sense of a tragedy. It is very en lightening to s e the says brains execute different ideas based on your upbringing in different par TTS of the world.

Do you employ logic that is similar or different when explaining negative even Are there several different "systems of logic" that may be invoked, depending on the circumstances? Tend to enjoy logic that is differs from my own, when negative events are bee Eng explained. In other words to seeing an event occur from another's viewpoint I n their own words. Hearing logic that is not the same as your own on sensitive topics with out prejudice, and seeking knowledge where you may be ignorant allows a differed t system of logic.

Depending on the circumstances, there are several different logical systems t hat may be invoked. When those involved are from different backgrounds, with u unlike views, and beliefs to base their opinions upon. Most logical people would never take witchcraft into question, perhaps they would say that it was an accident. But being raise Diana community where sorcery is common practice, you would not think any differ entry. What you are taught from a young age in your community resonates into the ways t hat the person you will becomes handles misfortune.

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