The 2050 Year

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Heading for 2050 We've all had at least once in life thought that we wonder how the future will look like? How will we be over 40 years? How will our planet look like? Or just how it will be tomorrow? These are questions which, in my opinion, we grind every day. Futurologists prepare us for what seems to be 2050, saying it would be totally different in all fields, from entertainment to technology, what we find at the moment on our planet.

First, classic TV channels through completely disappear, their place being taken by Internet, which we will have access all around the house (mirrors, tables, pictures, all with touch screen). The future seems a little too SF for the prezent that we live, but if we think about where they got all the science right now and where it is going, we can use in the future, things which are not imaginable today. The future of humanity will be a very human liking, because in future we will not have to do all the hard work, for which today we work more than 40 hours per week, but this will be done by robots.

We will have robots that will clean, make food, will plant flowers, but also those intelligent robots will take over the role of great engineers, so that construction can be achieved more easily, accurately and much smaller errors and less. They will take a large part of our daily tasks, and we will have much more free time for fun, relaxation, travel and many other interesting things. Of course all this will be different from what exists today. We can travel in space, to go on a vacation on a exotic planet , or simply a cruise we will go into space to see the beauty of the galaxies, as we go by boat in the Caribbean today.

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Perhaps in those days we can even travel in time to go see a play that it is authored by Shakespeare himself when his own songs debut on a theater in the UK, or maybe we want to take part in the most important events in human history. Future technology will give us the chance to reduce the number of accidents and congestion on major arteries that form in the city. We will travel with vehicles powered using renewable energy that will help us to rise from the ground and use highways and roads on different levels (in height), to leave the ground as a destination for edestrians only, without having to ruin the beauty of nature, and many ecosystems with the construction of highways that connect major cities . Also classic trains that we know will be replaced with other transportation vehicles, which can reach a speed huge for our days, reaching their destination faster and traveling long distances. Spacecraft will serve today's aircraft, and connects the major cities what are located on different planets.

Teleportation will certainly play a role as important in travel to various destinations as other means of transport, teleport different objects, or even people, of course, being the fastest means of transport, will be the most expensive. Pollution problem will be a thing of the past, or at least of atmospheric air pollution because radiation from radioactive waste will only disappear in a few thousand years, as is the case of Chernobyl. Greenland ice caps will melt not at a fast pace, maybe even boots from the pole mass will return to normal and we will not worry about increasing sea levels.

The problem of global warming was solved, hurricane risk decreases, the climate will return to normal, and fear of other natural disasters will be the past. Contact with extraterrestrial civilizations will bring a touch of humanity, because we realize that we are not alone in the universe and that will need to take into account the opinions of others. But the biggest advantage is that we can assimilate the technology they have available and we learn things we could not discover themselves, can even combine our technologies with the hope that we will discover the answers to questions we grind for centuries.

Medicine, one of the most important science that directly concerns each of us, will be among the most advanced of the existing fields. We will get the best equipment in a view to improving our recovery, medical technology will be very advanced , as organ transplants between people will not gonna happen, so will be replaced diseased organs with mechanical organs which take the place of human. All these things will lead to a decrease of mortality. Due to the increasing number of people on Earth we will have some of us to leave this planet and begin to colonize different planets similar to Earth.

The discovery of planets like our Earth will open the horizons to worlds unknown to us, will help us spread the race and to make ourselves known in the universe. We prepare for the future seems to be exactly what we need, but until we get there we still have 40 years of hard work, during which time we hope that all things work perfectly. Our evolution is to develop technologies that we present can zoom in or out of answers that we do not have but one living and dreams of 2050.

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