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Textual Analysis i am goig to analyse the "Brolac" paint advert. The advert is an old one from the 50-60s, The key sigefier is the picture with the "attrative" male charater and the "attractive" female charater centered. The male is placed in the centre and infront of the female to show the target audience, which is for males. The advert shows the stereotypical family man, as all woe want their husbands to do houusework. As the achorage text says at the bottom "You're so handsome.....and a genious too." This is saying that the man is the perfect husband.

The wife who is placed behind the husband is the stereotypical housewife and women. She is shorter than the man, wide hips and proberbly has big breasts. She has made the tea for the ma to drink as he works. She is lookig lovenly at her husband with her eyes which are sort of "Puppy dog" eyes which are assciated with love. The advert shows the ma as a strong but sensitive man, which i thik is represented by the cup of tea and sourcer that he is holding.

The producers of the paint have portrayed this advert effectively as they have chosen carefully what they are doing with the picture and the anchorage text at the bottom. the target audience for this advert is men who are married and who are in a house of their own. The media have stereotypically and traditionally showed women as the rock of the family, as they care and support everyone.

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The anchorage text is also effective "You're so handsome...and a genious too!" as it shows how and what th product can do for the consuer. Aother effective thig about the anchorage text are the superbatives, such as "The easiest pait" this makes the consumer think that with this painthe will have to use minimal effort o his behalf. The men who this advert is aimed at are betwee 22-43 with a home, from a social class of C1/2-B. The aim of the advert is, if you get the paint you get the girl. This advert has a mini narrative as the achorage text tells a story.

I am ow going to analyse the "Cif cream" advert. This advert is a more up to date advert, this contemporary advert is of the ale representation where a women should be. The advert is aimed at women as the advert uses sex appeal, as the male is attractive. The picture attracts women as it shows a half nude man who is leaning the bathroom, this fact that he is cleaning appeals to the women as the ma is doing th housework. This shows that the producer knows that women like their men to do their housework. As cleaning is stereotypically assicated with women. Then the women thik just by having this product they will have tidy house.

The logo of the product is presented, which is the yellow duck. This advert uses many persuasive techiques, the fact that the product is the key signefier shows how dominent it is, Also it uses alot of iconography, the ducks which is yellow gives us a smile ad also links with suny days of the summer. Women would definetly be attracted to the advert as the sex appeal would consume most of their attention. The slogan "get a better cleaner" is aimed at the male and the product, the advert uses humour as we think that if the product is ours the men will do the cleaning. The target audience for this advert would be a 25-45 year old women as they do most of the housework, and the social status would be C1-B and again the point of the advert is that get "Cif" get the man.

There are a few similarities between the two adverts, like the gimick of if you buy the product that you will get the women/man. Also nethier of the adverts use direct mode of address. The difference would be the time p ad the fact that in the old advert it is a stereotypical man who is hard working while in the modern advert they use humour. The oldadvert has alot more text and therefore more serious. Both adverts are effective adn both have a unique selling point.

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