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True/False On the line provided, Indicate whether each statement Is true (T) or false (F 1 . The grassland boom Is characterized by a prolonged dry season. T 2. The taiga boom is found in North America, Asia, and Africa. F_ 3. In the desert boom, the rate of precipitation exceeds the rate of evaporation. F 4. The taiga and a plant cell are both examples of closed systems. 5. If the climate changes, the species that are best adapted to the new conditions are most likely to survive. Matching Match each description In column A with the correct boom In column B.

Write the letter for the boom on the line beside the description. There will be one boom left 6. This boom has four distinct seasons. Precipitation is evenly F distributed throughout the year, and droughts are uncommon. 7. The winters in this boom are long and can last six to nine months. The summers are short and cool. There is less than 25 CM of precipitation per year. E 8. The ground in this boom completely thaws In the summer. The winters are long and cold. Precipitation averages from 35 to 100 CM per year. The dominant tree-types are conifers. D 9.

This boom receives less than 25 CM of precipitation per year. Evaporation exceeds precipitation. Daytime temperatures are normally very hot. C 10. Rain falls in this boom nearly every day. Temperatures vary little from month to month. A B tropical rain forest (b) grassland (c) desert (d) taiga (northern boreal forest) tundra (f) temperate deciduous forest Fill In the Blanks Complete each sentence with the correct term. Earth's 11. Around the Sun. Changes from 22. 30 to 24. 50 to the plane of its orbit 12. Earth's biological history includes many examples of _mass extinctions out. Ring which many of the world's species were wiped 13. In a tropical rain forest, only about 2 percent of the sunlight that falls on the Reese of the reaches the forest floor. 14. Vultures, rattlesnakes, coyotes, and the Gila monster are animals found in the Desert 15. Biomass boom of southwest United States. Is the mass of living or once living material per unit area. Multiple Choice Circle the letter for the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 16. Which two factors determine the climate of a region?

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B (a) temperature and humidity (b) temperature and precipitation (c) precipitation and humidity (d) altitude and precipitation 17. The temperature at which water vapor in the atmosphere begins to change room a gas C too liquid is called the humidity relative humidity (c) dew point (d) condensation point 18. Chinook winds in winter can result in the death of many trees in southern Alberta. Which statement best explains why this happens? A (a) Chinook winds lower the humidity in the air, which dries out the trees. (b) Chinook winds raise the humidity in the air, which dries out the trees. C) Chinook winds lower the dew point, which dries out the trees. (d) Chinook winds raise the dew point, which dries out the trees. Heavy A winter snowfalls. (a) The pyramid shape helps to shed snow. B) The "cones" that this tree produces ensure its reproductive success. (c) shallow root system absorbs limited precipitation. (d) This tree loses its leaves every fall. The 20. The American pick is a small mammal that resembles a Guiana pig. It spends much of the summer storing grass and other plant matter in underground nests. It eats this stored food during the long winter.

This is an example of (a) a physiological adaptation (b) a structural adaptation C(c) a behavioral adaptation (d) a climate-specific adaptation 21. This climatologist most likely describes a location in the B (a) desert boom under boom (c) grassland boom (d) temperate deciduous forest boom 22. Which animal would likely be found in this boom? B (a) parrot (b) Pronghorn (c) lemming (d) bull snake 23. Paleontology's is the study of B (a) current climatic conditions (b) past climate conditions (c) current plants and animals in the biosphere (d) past plants and animals in the biosphere 24.

Which of the following is not considered to be a natural cause of climate change? D (a) changing of Earth's tilt with respect to the plane of its orbit around the Sun (b) chemical weathering and trapping of atmospheric carbon dioxide in rocks such as limestone (c) catastrophic events, such as volcanoes and meteor impacts (d) combustion of fossil fuels to generate electrical energy 25. Which letter on the following climatologist represents the average monthly 26. Which of the following statements are examples of climate? L. Of rain! II. Once again, it's a cold winter.

We had 3 mm of rain last night. 'V. Spring always seems to come about this time of year. C I and II II and Ill II and IV Ill and IV 27. The non-living components of the biosphere are: lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere hydrosphere, chromospheres and atmosphere theosophist, crust, hydrosphere, atmosphere lithosphere, hydrosphere, troposphere, climate 28. Weather occurs in which layer of the atmosphere? A troposphere mesosphere stratosphere troposphere Not another day Ill. A) b) c) d) 29. Which of the following statements is an example of scientific evidence of climate change? A l.

The growing season seems longer now. II. There are fewer elk now than there were 20 years ago. Ill. Snow cover has increased by 4% over the past 10 years. 'V. The average global surface temperature has increased by 0. ICC in the last century a) land II b) I and IV ) II and Ill d) Ill and IV 30. In order with increasing altitude, Earth's atmospheric layers are: B a) troposphere, mesosphere, troposphere, stratosphere b) troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, troposphere c) troposphere, mesosphere, troposphere, stratosphere d) mesosphere, troposphere, stratosphere, troposphere 31.

Which of the following factors would not influence the net radiation budget off boom? A) labeled b) longitude c) time of year 32. On average, which boom has the highest precipitation level and average temperature? C a) taiga b) grassland c) rain forest d) deciduous forest 16. Which of the following biomass is most important to the agricultural industry? C a) taiga b) tundra c) grassland 33. Two cities are located at the same latitude but in different regions of Earth. Which of the following factors could cause these cities to have different climates?

D a) the angle of inclination of Earth b) the number of hours of daylight c) the boom in which each city is located d) whether either city is situated close too large body of water 34. Which of the following greenhouse gases has the highest Global Warming Potential (GAP)? D a) CIFS b) methane c) nitrous oxide d) carbon dioxide 35. Which of the following removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere? A a) Earth's oceans b) the ozone layer c) using public transit d) conserving electricity Numerical Response Record the answer to each numerical-response question as indicated.

If the answer includes a decimal place, include the decimal in the numerical-response box. If the answer is between O and 1 (e. G. 0. 45), be sure to record the O before the decimal place. 1. Earth can be organized into a number of components. Rank these components from smallest (most specific) to largest (most general). Record your four-digit number in the numerical-response box. . Ecosystems 2. Biosphere 3. Habitats 4. Biomass 3142 four-digit number in the numerical-response box. 1. 2. Replica rain forest 3. Grassland 4. Desert 5. Tundra taiga Use the following climatologist to answer questions 28, 29, and 30: 3. What is the total precipitation (in mm) that this boom receives in July? Record your two-digit number in the numerical-response box. 78 4. What is the average monthly temperature (in co below O) in February? Record your -15 5. Estimate and record the average monthly temperature (in co) in June and August. Record your two-digit number in the numerical-response box.

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