Tammy Larson and Mike Brennan

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The case study involves a turn to turn talk between Tammy Larson and Mike Brennan on a female who had applied for a job as a housekeeper. The two were discussing the employee's profile. Details on her criminal conviction and drug possession raised a point of contention as the two were debating on whether to employ her. Currently, criminal conviction and drug possession is a subject that is put into considerations while selecting and promoting employees. Ideally, employees ought to consider the nature or circumstances that led to these criminal offenses. Most of the people are pushed towards these offenses because of societal and psychological factors which they have little control over. Characters (functions or behaviors)As for this case, Tammy Larson and Mike Brennan should first identify the nature and circumstances which prompted these behaviors. From the analysis, they should be able to decide on the way forward.

Besides, they should be able to identify the connection between a criminal conviction and the work they are supposed to do . For instance, substance use after work may have little effect on housekeeping roles. If the convictions involved issues like dishonesty and mistreatment, it would be hellish to employ the candidate. In order for the human resource to be fair and just, there exists the need to consult legal advice. This will help determine the best course of action . Besides, Larson and Brennan ought to identify third parties and their statements on the employee's conduct. If I was the director, I would employ Stephanie. Management and leadership stylesThe federal law does not prohibit employers from seeking to know the criminal history of an employee. However, the same law prohibits employers from discriminating candidates on the basis of their criminal records .

Therefore, employers ought to consider laws and legal decision during the selection process. Some of the most important laws revolve around civil rights acts which determine employment decisions. For instance, we have Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which dictates how employees should be treated following criminal allegations . Criminal history and record are important because they help employers accurately decide on a responsible, reliable and safe employee. Therefore, I recommend employers to request their employees to list recent criminal activity.Recommendation Employers should identify a fair response to criminal records and allegations of those they want to the employee. Ideally, we are all humans, and thus we are subjected errs.

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Criminal records and substance use are social issues which are propelled by other factors; some of the factors are beyond our control . However, employers ought to consider the legal advice and third-party consultancy before employing or dismissing an employee. For those individuals who have transformed, their criminal record should not pose the challenge of selecting them.Conclusively, Tammy Larson and Mike Brennan should consider many factors while deciding on the response.

Most importantly, the selection should consider matching the organizational goals with the skills and qualifications of the employee. In this case study, the applicant has the traits required for the job opportunity; hence, her record should not be an obstacle towards being selected. However, the female applicant should be advised on the best approaches that will keep her away from criminal activities and substance use. Naturally, it is unfair to judge a person based on their records or past engagements.


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