SWOT Analysis for Carnival Corporation

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The more properties the company holds, the more financial income would flow-in to the business because the products or activities that the guests seek are found within these properties. These components that the corporation invested into are the major variables that are essential to satisfy the clients needs.

The Carnival Corporation could offer various forms of entertainment in their cruise like music, dancing, nightclubs, selection of movies and the guest could enjoy the midnight buffet until breakfast. During the sights a daily program of activities were performed at the passengers' cabin to boost the enjoyment of the guests.

These entertainments were done to attract customers, Orison (the founder) began to add different recreational activities such a casino, discos and other forms of amusement that were designed to increase the shipboard experience of the passengers. Choosing the fun and right activities in the cruise is very essential to make sure that the firm has reached beyond the satisfaction of the guests. One quality that a company should acquire is competitiveness; it is for the success and the achievement of goals of the business. The Carnival Corporation has raised the products to a new level wherein they could compete with other rivalries.

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Best example of the renewal of products was the old ships were being phased out to be replaced by new ships offering new amenities. Carnival also stated that they have a greatly skilled and organized team who were willing to spend money for the sake of achieving their targets.

Carnival Corporation; Pl did not have a good maintenance on the safety and security of their company and it lead the passengers o suffer from serious physical injuries after being violently thrown against the ship's deck and walls. A total of 12 passengers were injured and about 70 passengers had lesser injuries.

This incident would result to a negative impact on the reputation of the company and a decrease in the likelihood of people to visit. In addition, the environmental safety practices were not good enough and they need to pay fines for six pollution discharges by its ships and it would be a humiliation and at the same time a decline of visitors, even if the company agreed to cover its environmental feet practices and port facilities around the world through a written statement.

According to the management's view of the company, Carnival has been slow in Soot Analysis By Irrationals Europe. ?? The company was also the target of several lawsuits because of overtime pay issues. Resignation or an employee being terminated has a high and/or negative impact on the company since it would affect the overall performance of the workplace. Losing employees means that they could face problems like having a decreased performance in the workplace, they may struggle to complete all accessory or important daily functions, higher costs associated with the process of losing the first employee and hiring and training the new one and the company's loss is another's gain.

Hurricanes are one of the main threats in companies whose operations involve transportation by sea. A concrete example of this was when Worldwide (Carnival) was slightly damaged by Hurricane Strain that caused disruptive forces that greatly affected the work of the clients. This hurricane downed trees, caused flooding and a wide spread power outage that took two days for the technical team to rebuild the yester. This is a threat to the company because a lot of their clients underwent hazardous, impenetrable roadways Just to reach their workplace.

Law firms who filed a lawsuit on behalf of six passengers who had suffered from injuries on the Crown Princess after the ship tilted can also be considered as a threat to the company because they are the ones responsible for every course of action that occurs in the ship. These acts will reflect them and will produce an impact on their company that can extremely affect the people's decision in regards to picking their means of transportation. Another threat would be the competitors of Carnival such as Royal Caribbean, Disney and Norwegian Cruise Line.

These cruises really have something to offer and are continuously being developed and enhanced through several amenities such as luxurious staterooms and private islands. In fact one analyst even said that "Carnival should thank Disney for taking children off their ships. " since Disney can provide some activities that are preferred by adults, families, teens and children wherein they can play together or in separate activities and many more that truly adds up to their advantages.

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