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SWOT analysis beer Bavaria

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Fast track route to drunkenness: more efficient, more expedient Impressive alcohol content Good fight against competition: The company sell three can for every can sold by Heinlein and Greenberg. Low price - about El cheaper than the competition The first to packages in 50 CLC servings before all of the others adopted the same format. Benefits of the most low-key distribution network in all of France - generally bought in Arabian corner shops Variety of product: The company is also known for its other products like in Holland with the alcohol-free beer.

Strong brand name: The 806 beer have a lot of follower in the world as a beer to be savored. "People are so keen on 806 that they're keeping the entire can to themselves, even drinking it alone. " Emblematic of street culture: This beer has found its following at street level, via alternative movements, only distribute in local corner shops and service station. It has becoming the beer of choice for Night Owls and insomniacs due to the distribution across Arabian shops that are open at late at night.

Cult object avers by Doc Cogency in his song 06 festival: every year, people spend the 8th June striving to drink as much 806 as is humanly possible 806 style Culturally baggage-free: the new generation claims it as its own due to the 806 lack of history. Attractive packaging: dark blue with gold trimming - colors synonymous with prestige products - Its very rich aspect attracts most of young players. Weaknesses positioning: Barrie's consumers are mostly people from the street, usually people addicted. Their pool of consumers is large but the consumption of 806 is mostly not lately.

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They are targeting "particular" consumers that could discourage wealthy or high middle class people to use the product. Regarding the positioning, I don't think that the company need to change it. In fact, even if it's a strange or non-common positioning, it profitable. The company knows the risk and the critics it would have to face but it's work and young people like this positioning of "street beer" with prestige packaging. Therefore, if the company change its positioning, it would lost a lot of young consumers.

SWOT analysis beer Bavaria essay

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