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1. The data about the client is sufficient. The background of the client was stated in detail. There was a description of the people involved with the client’s life and their role and involvement with the client and the client’s anxiety disorder was clearly stated. The socio-economic status of the client was also stated. And more importantly, the self-assessment of the client was stated on the client’s profile.

            The symptoms reported are those coming from the insights of the client. Those were the symptoms the client had observed on herself which she does not consider really as symptoms of disorder, but, for professionals, those are. The symptoms reported were sufficient for diagnosis. Physical symptoms were also reported.

            The problem arising from the anxiety disorder of the client was also stated. The case of the client has been related with several probable problems like social, professional and economic problems that may arise because of the anxiety disorder of the client.

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            The diagnosis that was reported was based on the assessment done on the client. The report included which diagnostic criteria the client had met and which are not, so the list of the anxiety disorder was narrowed to Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

2. Strengths of this work include good profile of the client, sufficient symptoms reported and good assessment of the case of the client based on the diagnostic criteria. In the presentation of the diagnostic criteria leading to formal diagnosis, the author reported which diagnostic criteria for anxiety disorder the client had met and had not met. The recommendation regarding the case of the client was based on deduction.

3. Maybe there could be more clarification on the client’s relationship with her family. As mentioned earlier, the perceived concern here is the problem of the client with her work because of the pressure she felt and the anxiety she is experiencing. It seemed that at the start of the study, the problem is revolving only on the work of the client. It’s probably because she is spending most of her time with her work and her work is really putting much pressure on her. But, could it be that the anxiety was coming from home?

4.The case study applied course theories and principles. It is evident on the diagnostic criteria on this case study.

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