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This PowerPoint presentation gives information about the dilemma faced by the grocery chain Sainsbury's, the dilemma in making a decision on whether to continue in the Nectar loyalty program or to go solo and have their in-house loyalty program.

To come up with an answer for Sainsbury's problem, the current situation of Sainsbury's was analyzed. The possible outcomes of the options were also compared. The presentation showed the steps taken and how the progression in making the decision took place.

To analyze the presentation, the following question should be taken into consideration. Was the presentation effective in conveying the message? Did it present the stand clearly?

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First, the contents should be analyzed. The presentation showed enough information for a viewer to understand what it is about and how they came up with the decision. The information was credible since it was objectively based on hard facts. The presentation's another strong point is that it showed advantages and disadvantages of each option. It was successful in presenting its side to the audience, which is to make the company stay with the engagement in the loyalty program, without being biased.

The actions taken in the analysis of the dilemma and solution was clearly effective.

First, the loyalty program was presented giving a hard impact and retention. Then, the profile and current situation of the company was examined and the projected future using the different alternatives. Alternatives were given, analyzed and all details were put into consideration. Suggestions to solve the problem were also given and even the way to do it. Also read D esperate Air case analysis

What about the presentation's layout? It could be said that it is good, readable enough. Good contrast because the text colors stand out from the background, although, it would be better to use a lighter color in the background since it will provide a contrast from the hard information presented. There are parts of the presentation that tends to be dull. These are the parts that are text-heavy. There were too many information compressed in one frame, maybe, it would be better to divide the information into a series of frames so it would be easier to view.

All in all, the presentation is convincing enough, although it could still be improved. The point was well presented and easily understood. The details were presented simply but it would be more useful if it is concise. The analysis and content were indeed very good. The presentation was able to present the problem and a step-by-step solution.  However, improvement on the presentation layout must be done so that it would be much easier to view.

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