Spiritual Warfare

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At birth, the devil begins to comprise a plan to keep us away from the will of God that is already established for our lives. The devil shows us this even in the story of Job, when he was in the presence of God and was asked where he came from, he responded by saying, to and fro, seeking who I may devour. The enemy is seeking constantly who he can keep out of the Kingdom and render ineffective.

This affects evangelism head on, because if he can render us ineffective, he can cause our witness to be tampered with. Just think, you know in your personal lives that there are people who claim to be Christians and their lifestyles do not add up. Once they begin to minister or evangelize, their witness is tampered by their actions or lifestyle thus rendering them ineffective. The Devil has many devices that he uses to fight us and to try to render us Ineffective. He always uses accusations to hold us back from evangelize.

You know the times hen he brought up your past which caused you to pay more attention to your past than your present state of forgiveness. He uses temptation to keep us away from God's will. The Devil knows exactly what causes you to take your mind off God and he will keep that in front of you constantly. He uses deception to make us doubt our effectiveness and distraction to keep our minds off of the things of God. We cannot fight the Devil with physical weaponry, however, we combat the enemy through prayer, fasting, and reading the Word of God.

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We render the devices of the enemy Ineffective once we keep God In the forefront. We cannot be effective In evangelism If we allow the Devil to wrap our minds around him. That Is his ultimate goal, to keep our minds on him and our downfalls. He realizes that If he does not fight us that we can and will destroy his kingdom. For the scriptures even say, "Greater Is He that Is In me, than he that Is In the world. " Meaning, that If God resides on the Inside, I already have the victory.

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