Spiritual Milestone Essay

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In “Spiritual Milestone” the author describes his life as an Asiatic American and the troubles that he has faced non merely with his individuality but with his conflict with depression. The more compelling narrative is his rise above the disease and his enormous success in the universe of academe and in his community. Not recognizing that he really had depression. he worked diligently to get the better of the stigma attached to his ethnicity. and at the same clip. ended up detecting that he was enduring from “the common cold of mental unwellness: depression” .

Bing a ego motivated scholar. the writer was able to name himself by reading and analyzing about depression. He sought immediate aid from a professional to assist cover with the symptoms of the disease. and in the interim. continued his surveies and his battle to go more than a stereotype. The different therapies the author endured were cognitive therapy. interpersonal therapy. and behavioural therapy. These three therapies prescribed by his psychologist helped him to acknowledge and cover with his feelings so that he could hold a clear way to success.

While the writer does non travel into excessively much item depicting the agony he endured from his depression. he does reference sleepless darks. anxiousness. self medicine. and lassitude. He knew these symptoms were a mark of something much deeper and besides that they would impede his hereafter success. so he sought aid instantly. The author’s intent was to inform readers of the symptoms of depression and to promote those who suffer from it to take action and seek the aid necessary to do life as fulfilling as possible.

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