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Solar Energy Facts

ASTOUNDING SOLAR ENERGY FACTS What is solar energy? People often think of solar energy as solar panels mounted on roofs in sunny neighborhoods. This is only part of solar energy (“Solar energy facts,”2012). Solar energy is the oldest energy source.

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Plants, animal and the microbial life have been using it as a principle energy source since the times of creation. It is in the form of heat and light. In the past years, people have tapped solar energy enabling it to be used at all times; including the nights, in all weather conditions, can be stored as well as be transferred.

Solar energy can be defined as the technology used to exploit the sun’s power and make it usable. Solar energy facts * Solar energy makes life a reality. Through photosynthesis, plants absorb sunlight and provide food and oxygen which animals consume to live. Human bodies absorb solar energy this helps to regulate body temperature. Sunlight also provides vitamin D, which is necessary to human health. * Solar energy is an extremely clean energy source. It is environmentally healthier than traditionally fossil related forms of energy since it does not emit any known pollutants to the environment. The earth absorbs approximately 3. 85 million exajoules of energy from the sun. This is big compared to the earth’s use of about 56. 7 exajoules. The sun is the sole source of solar energy, believed to last for more than 5 billion years. This means solar energy is the most renewable and viable source of energy. * The practical use of solar energy is inexhaustible. Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) proposed the concentrating solar principle, which a concave mirror directs rays to solar water heaters. Also upon launch, satellites and spacecrafts use solar energy as their main source. Solar energy is responsible for the weather and ocean currents. Majority of the thermal energy which is due to solar energy stored in the ocean. This means the transfer of energy on the earth’s surface relates to the ocean-atmosphere. Utilization of solar energy * Solar thermal plants concentrate the sun’s energy as a heat source to boil water used to run steam powered turbines to generate electricity. * Solar panels using photovoltaic cells convert solar energy into electricity to light homes, though storage batteries may be needed. Solar energy can be used in war, as from Archimedes who by directing heat rays using mirrors burned down ships that had siege Syracuse. * Solar water heater utilizes solar energy to warm water for homes. Also by the use of heat absorbent surfaces, solar energy can be used to heat pools. * In food processing, solar energy presents a significant functionality in drying. In summary, solar energy is a renewable source of green energy and has a tremendous and endless industrial utilization.

It is also vital to life and nature. This solar energy facts reveal that solar is the main green energy source at hand. References Solar Energy Information and Facts(2010). Retrieved from http://www. valopia. com/index. php/Solar/solar-energy-information-and-facts. html Solar Energy Facts. (2012). Retrieved from http://www. solarenergy-facts. org/ Solar power facts. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. solarpowerfacts. biz/ Wind Solar Projects. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. windsolarprojects. com/