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Language is not only the problem faced by International students in the UK

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In recent years, coming to the UK have became a attractive option for students who want to get further education with the higher quality. Because the UK is famous by its impressed education in the history. However, the increasing number of international students does not mean it is undemanding to study in the UK without facing any difficulty or it is much easier than before as a oversea student. In fact, there are numerous problems they have to solve for a meaningful oversea study experience.

When referring to this topic, language has always been mentioned as an unavoidable issue for these students who are far away from their motherland. But language is not the only problem faced by international students in the UK. There are many difficulties such as differences in learning and homesickness. Language can be the main problem for all the international students even if the student is a native speaker of English, such as Americans, Australians and Indians.

The reason is that students who come from an English-speaking country can be proficient in daily English, but it does not mean that they can skip this obstacle. For example, although most of the students have to get a high enough score in TOEFL or IELTS for being accepted by the school they want, they may still be unfamiliar with some terms for the subject they studied (Bamford, 2008). In other words, the ability of using English can be a barrier that every international student has to overcome. Otherwise, they would be trapped in their little safe zone and ended up as a person without sufficient confidence.

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Language is not only the problem faced by International students in the UK

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So language can be the main problem for international students in the UK, but precisely it is definitely not the only issue. Because obviously, it is impossible to be a good international student by such a easy way. Differences in learning will also make oversea students feel confused at the beginning of their British life. As reported by David, Brian, Anne, Claire and Sinead (2006), in some cultures it is deprecated to raise doubts about what the teachers said, which is totally different from the academic culture in the UK.

For students who have got accustomed to this way of learning, critical thinking, which plays an important role in school life in the UK, can be difficult to adapt to the new study atmosphere and it needs time to get used to it. Differences between academic cultures are inevitably driving some international students into corner. Similarly, they must force themselves to make appropriate adjustments which is required for their study in the UK, or they would be stuck in a dilemma.

Learning how to behave properly in a completely different environment of study can be a serious challenge for those students who get used to keep silence and take notes without thinking of its value. Homesickness is another conspicuous problem which make international students feel troubled. The main features of homesickness can be defined as the surrounding images about home in their minds, an intense desire to go home, a sad emotion because missing home(Adrian, 1997).

For most of oversea students, it is their first time to live further from home for perhaps thousands-miles away. In other words, it is reasonable that they would feel lonely without their family especially when some bad issues happened in their homeland. If these students can not get rid of homesickness, their whole life would be exposed in danger. Similarly, students who soak themselves in the bad mood of homesickness were likely to lose their faith in life and stayed unmotivated.

As the result, they would be failed in their study and also make their family and friends down, which is the last achievement they want to reach in the world. In conclusion, international students in the UK have to face many problems, including but not limited to language. Besides language, difficulties in learning and homesickness also can not be ignored. There are still many problems which did not be mentioned in this essay. So it can be hard to deal with so many problems for international students in the UK. But it is also a unique opportunity for them to upgrade themselves.

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