Soccer Activity System Analysis: Journey to the World Cup

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The following article you are about to read expresses the CHAT Activity System Analysis about how to play the game of soccer from the introduction of the game to the individuals that are involved to the successfulness of a team.


Soccer, the game that joins athletes together to score the most goals in an intense ninety minutes of playing. This Activity System Analysis will express what it takes to play the game of soccer. An Activity System Analysis is a detailed chart that expresses the six characteristics of an activity of a writer’s pass time or of topics in the world. The six parts are; Subject: who is doing the activities, Objective: what is the goal for the activity, Tools: what will one need to the activity, Rules: what are the rules that need to be followed, Community: who are involved when you are playing the sport and finally Division of Labor: what is the job and what is being done with the community members. With this activity system analysis, you will learn how one will be able to play soccer if with your friends and family or a team.

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Subject: Where the Story all begins

When going through this activity system analysis it will be looked at from my point of view. Soccer was my first passion when coming from a family that was all about sports and being active. Playing soccer gave me the ability to relieve some stress going through situations, the opportunity to make new friends, and gave me confidence in my leadership skills to lead my team with the experience that I obtained over the past six years. The information comprised in this project was based on the experience that was obtained over the years. The chance to experience strong coaching, improved leadership skills, and bonds created for better times.

Objective: Set the Goal, Know what you want, play the Game?

Soccer games take place on a field with eleven players from two teams. The formations for teams are coordinated by coaches based on team’s chemistry (See figure #1). When I played at Seaside High School, the formation that was commonly used was 4-3-3. This meant that the set up was 4 defenders, 3 midfielders, and 1 striker with 2 wingers to assist him. The formations are the most successful way to keep the positions in the game in line with each other.

The positions include forwards, midfielders, defenders, and a goalie. Therefore, soccer is a game that is all “foot based”, and the players have full control of the ball at all times. The objective of the game is to score goals in the opposing team’s goal box to score a point for one’s team. There are four ways a player can score goals for their team. Those ways are by a goal, headers from a corner kick, penalty kicks, and free kicks. In order to make a penalty kick, there must be a call from the ref and it must be set up from the edge of the 18 boxes. Whereas to score from a “free kick”, one team has to be called for a “manor” or “handball” and the shot is taken from the spot of the hand-ball. In soccer, the objective is easy to understand and as well to teach someone the concepts. It's not as complex as if one talks about football, basketball, or even baseball.

Tools: Can’t be on that field without equipment

Now that you’re informed about the objective of Soccer it’s time to explain the tools/equipment that are used to train and play soccer. When one is wanting to go and play with friends or family you’re not going to have a lot of equipment. Most people will just grab some friends, a soccer ball and some water to stay hydrated. In those cases, it’s not necessary to have a lot of extra supplies since it’s more relaxed with friends and family. Now for practice time, the basic necessities that you want to have are your soccer cleats, water, a uniform, a location, and goals, and other supplies that the coach will provide for the whole team (See figure #2).

Now when goes to practice, one should have all items that are necessary to prepare for a game. Cleats worn on the field are created for traction therefore, they keep the flow of the game from beginning to end. When players are giving there all, they’ll get tried. This brings the idea of always staying hydrated through if scrimmages, games, or practices. Finally, it's game day. As mentioned there aren’t any more tools that are used for soccer other than expressed. But somethings that you want to bring is WATER! uniform, uniform sock, shin guards, and other accessories like headbands, knee/arm braces (See figure #2).

When I had my games most of my teammates would bring extra gear like a headband, compressions and etc. My team, for example, would always talk about what colors to match under the uniform so the team will look the same as one another. I was the player that brought what was needed and that's it, from things like the uniform, water, cleats, and shin guards. While playing soccer, having a uniform that is together is important it tell one team from another but it helps the refs as well if some incidents happen.

Rules: Time to Lace your Cleats

If you want to be able to get on that field, you need to know the regulations of the game of Futbol. Not understanding the rules of the game can lead to injuring one of your own teammates or injuring the opposing team and getting ejected from the game. Since soccer was created it’s a game that focuses only on the feet. It brings me to my first rule “Be Safe”. This is important because as someone that has dealt with being stepped on, kicked in the shin, or hit with the ball, you always want to stay safe in all situations and have respect for the person on the other team.

In sports, safety is a big issue and the refs have no problem with enforcing the rules for the game. This idea created the yellow/red cards. These cards are used when the game gets too intense and rules start getting interrupted and the players are too rough. If a player gets a yellow card it is a warning, whereas a red card is an automatic sent out for the duration of the game. The next rule that is major is the enforcement of no hands.

Community: For the Love of the Fans of Soccer

According to Time Magazine, England invented a game of running around kicking a ball in the mid-19th century. As years go on there's a community base was established by players, family/friends, and soccer fans. When players are on their ways to become a pro athlete, they’ll try to make bonds with coaches and audiences to get their head in the door and noticed. The players contributed to the soccer community. Without the players, they wouldn’t have fans that believe in them, watch the games, and make new bonds with one another. Building up the community is important because it's a start to new friendships that can eventually lead to a small family relationship.

The next group of people is the fans of perspective teams. Fans are and will be the best form of support for the current NWSL and NSL (National Women’s Soccer League and National Soccer League) teams in 2018. Fan give the support when they’ll arrive at games and from the living rooms at home cheering and screaming when their favorite teams are winning and losing. If soccer didn’t have fans and audiences to buy products, there wouldn’t be any point to have soccer around with being one of the popular sports being football and basketball.

Division of Labor: One Team, One Win

Though soccer is a simple game to learn the concept of there is a bigger structure of people that work together to make a soccer team be successful. All the people include the forwards, midfielders, defenders, goalies, coaches, teams, and executives. On the field, the first line of attack of all teams are the Forwards. The forwards are in charge of attacking the defense to try and score the goals, but based on how the formation is set up the attack can come from the wings (sides of the field) or center field as a direct attack at the opposing team’s goalie.

Next, then are the Midfielders. Their purpose is to keep possession of the ball so they can set up plays for the forwards to make goals and try to earn a point for their teams. Then there's the Defenders. Their job simply is to block the other team and keep them from scoring and goals. In most formations, there are three to four “defenders” or “defensive backs”. They’ll be the second last resort for defending before an opponent will be met with the goalie and it will be a “one-on-one” tactic and it can end with the ball getting caught or the opponent will score. Lastly, we have the goalies.

Goalies are the last resort to try and keep one team from scoring. The goal of the defender is to save goals that have been made it past the defense. The shots can be made from any part of the field such as the wings, the corners, and even right direct center of the field. While the players take care of business on the field the coach has all say of what happens and who goes in the games. The coach has a primary responsibility to keep the orderly conduct of him/herself and their team or they are in risk of being sent out the game.

To the end we have the Executives, these are the ones that deal with the publicity and financial inquiries. At the highest level, there is the General Manager and he enforces the rules of the FIFA soccer league and keeps up with information about the team and communicates with low-level officials on their teams to make sure that the team has the best people. With all these people that are putting forth the hard work to make a team better at the end of the day it what is going to bring success.

Overall, soccer is a game that started in the early 1860s and it is still played today all over the world. This activity system analysis gives background to my life playing soccer but as well a general point of view of what one needs to play and what it really takes. The use of my life gives knowledge of what I have learned from playing soccer those 6 years but teaches a reader that playing soccer is easy to understand if you take the time and training to want to play.

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