The Development of Business in the Soccer World

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A lot of interest and attention has been drawn them in more of a negative standpoint then a positive. When games are played in different countries in their majority cities, it brings them revenue and more business for local bars, restaurants, and tourism. Today, countries like Qatar paid millions of dollars to have the 2022 World Cup in their country knowing they will have more attention to their country so It will become somewhere to visit or live. Recent years Theresa been many allegations of politicians, presidents that are involved in bribing refs to favor in their countries soccer matches.

The strategy has become used in so many matches that FIFE has caught up to this absurd act and now makes sure matches are clean and fair. One major infamous case that revealed all these allegations of fixed soccer matches around the world was, Ante Sabina. He was well known for being one of the biggest sports bettors In the world for soccer. Few years ago he was sentenced to prison for three years for match fixing. What he would do Is bet big on a big game like, a world cup qualifier and then would bribe the players and refs for his favor.

He did confess to this crime and also confirmed that matches all over Europe and the world are also involved and he is not the only one involved. Recent evidence shows that Sabina almost spent up to $2. Million dollars in bribes, to referees, players, and league associates. In his trial they also revealed that Sabina fixed up to 43 matches, but he did confess that was not even close to the matches he was not Involved In. He also confessed that stopping him would not stop fixed matches that this will always happen in the soccer world no matter what you do.

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It will keep growing bigger and bigger and there is nothing authorities or leagues can do about it. Sabina also stated that there is a network of people that are involved in this, even players that would bet on their own team. All this evidence and conspiracies that have been told, makes you wonder could this fixing get any worse, will It ever get better. According to Europe and Interpol which Is Rupee's top of the line private investigation divisions, fixed matches all started in Asia.

Most of these corruptions started at Singapore when gangs would work their way to have the game favor to them and it would help their business do well. These businesses would be clubs, brothels, and other venues. For example if a gang controlled most of a cities business and revenue, they need people for business. Soccer is big in that city so when they eve games a lot of people would come. They figured If they favor their home team to Their profit would be off the roof with all the money that they are making. All these evidence is showing up but yet I don't think much is being done.

They keep track of league officials and referees, you have to think if this happens the entire world could they keep track. Do you think Europe and Interpol can follow every player, referee, and league officials in the world. There is too much information to process and a lot of questions that need to be answered. Statistics show that everyday almost a billion alular is generated to gambling on sports and soccer is number one on most gambled. According to Fife's rules and regulations, their amendments quote "Refs must be questioned and tested on laws of the game, with questioning if any suspicious activity. FIFE tries their best to have a clean slate and make sure that their games are clean and that there should be no suspicious activity. Fans around the world protest against FIFE, blaming referees to these soccer games. For a lot of people these games mean their life. In America people go to sports bars and watch the games, some are disappointed about the outcome some re Just careless. In Europe it is a bigger deal there because it's their life. Professional teams in the United States are most likely having one team per most populated state.

In Europe they have teams for every town, so you could imagine in Europe, how many towns there could be and the rivalry they would have. Imagine your town and the nearest town near you dueling in a soccer match. It is a bigger deal for them because it is representing where they are from and what they stand for. These fans that see their own team lose because of a referee that gave a bad call or gave a player a penalty Off bogus call. In Singapore a small town was so fed up with all the corruption that they set up one of the referees to be caught.

A Lebanese referee named All Sabbath, was a referee that would not accept money to fix these matches, but asked for sexual services. This man was sentenced to Jail for six months to make fraud calls and favor whoever asked for his help. "One wonders how many international football matches you could have gone on to fix," subordinate courts Low Wee Ping said in imposing the sentence for All Sabbath. Evidence showed that Sabbath assistant referees were also involved in this crime, All Did and Abdullah Tale, both served three months in Jail for their actions.

The man that supported their "sexual favors" was a Singapore entrepreneur Ding Is Yang. He provided them with woman in a bid to fix the matches and help Singapore National team to qualify in the Asia Cup. These referees were schedule to regulate those upcoming games and who would have known if they were to regulate them, they could have made Singapore team glide through the cup and on to world cup qualifier. This would be perfect business for Ding Is, he would be able to bet on games and also invest into other business and revenues.

When he would have those business and revenues and could generate millions of dollars and Singapore and make them more famous because of their favored games to win. At a recent FIFE conference, it was revealed that match fixing has to be stopped, or be less than it should be. In order to prevent this, Fife's Oral Matches concluded that they will need to collaborate with global entities. If they crack down into big money flows between soccer matches, that could lead into corruption. Then want to own so they want all the help they could get. Involving all global entities with lead to win against this corruption in soccer.

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