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Significance to the industry

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This study will contribute to the HRM practices of Scotiabank of Jamaica and at the same time the different banks currently being operated in Jamaica by providing various aspects on employee attitudes and behaviors that may help support their HRM practices to enhance their organization’s performance. (Arthur, 1994; Becker & Huselid, 1998; Delaney & Huselid, 1996; Huselid, 1995; MacDuffie, 1995).

Furthermore, effective HRM practices contribute to the improvement of employee attitudes and behaviors, and in turn to achieve corporate financial performance (Appelbaum, Adam, & Javari, 2000) and the strengthen the corporate identity of Scotiabank of Jamaica as the leading financial organization within Jamaica. Given that job satisfaction, organizational trust, and OCBs are essential in organization’s success, this study will provide significant information about the benefit of effective HRM practices which shapes the desired employee attitudes and behaviors to attain superior organizational performance (Arthur, 1994; Chang 2005).

This study will also assist in identifying current levels of perceptions of HRM practices to employee attitudes and behaviors of Scotiabank employees. Treating HRM practices as a bundle will stimulate synergy and create a faster and more immediate response system to current and future gaps within the organization (Chang, 2005). Significance to the Academe This study extends HRM literature several ways. First, it contributes to literature by examining the role of HRM to employee attitudes and behaviors. Second, it provides an additional study examining the role of HRM as bundle.

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Finally, it provides an additional study examining the consequences of HRM practices. Most studies in HRM focuses in HRM practices to organizational performance (Bowen & Ostroff, 2004). There have been limited studies on HRM practices to employee attitudes (Guest, 2002) and no studies found on HRM practices to OCBs. It is significant to study HRM practices and its relationship with work related attitudes, since these practices influence employees’ perceptions leading to their attitudes towards their job (Ramamoorthy et al. , 2005).

There have been continuing suggestions in examining the synergy and complementation of HRM practices (Bowen & Ostroff, 2004; Chang, 2005; Huselid, 1995) for the reason of employees perceive HRM practice as an exclusive and single practice rather than separate and diverse fields (Chang, 2005). Significance to the Researcher This study intends to be a foundation of knowledge for the benefit of the researcher as they prepare themselves in facing the real world of work most especially in managing future obstacles as they start to exercise their profession within the banking industry of Jamaica.

In completing this research, the essential ideas could serve as assistance for the organizations in improving and establishing effective HRM practices to enhance the way bank employers within Jamaica can effectively motivate their employees in reaching the goals of the bank. This study could serve also as a stepping stone in valuing and applying the theories and concepts learned in different subjects these such as personnel management, human resource development, and individual behavior. It could also serve as comprehensive reference in relating the concepts of individual behavior to the functions of HRM. Scope and Limitations

The study considered the following as its scope and limitations: 1. This study is cross sectional in nature, data collected by observing many variables at the same point of time, or without regard to differences in time. 2. Data was obtained from self surveys. Therefore, potentially exposing the data to confirm method variance. 3. HRM practices involved the following functions: internal career opportunities, training, results-oriented appraisal, employment security, participation, and job description. 4. The sample was limited to Scotiabank of Jamaica employees. This limits the generalization of results to other industries or professions.

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