The Deeper Meaning of Loyalty and Humility in Side Kicks Poem

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The poem, "Side Kicks" has many different meanings. when you read the poem the surface meaning gives an explanation ot what a side kick is and does. It goes over the basics of a side kick. If you were to look at the deeper at the meaning of the poem, you would find something more. The poem talks about how a side kick isnt given the gift of good looks It also talks about sidekicks being brave and putting others before themselves. At certain times the sidekicks put themselves in front of bullets for others. They remind us ofa part of ourselves that depend on others (our herffs).

The theme for this poem Is loyalty and being humble. In the poem, It talks about the side kick being loyal to the hero, not ever wanting a hero to die, and being humble around everyone. I was almost is tears when I came to the realization of the deeper meaning of the poem. The tone for this poem is kind of sad and yet touching at the same time, The poem mentions many names but doesnt give or mention the name of the main character. Through the characterization that the author gives us, we can find out a lot about the character.

For example, the character seems to have a lot of knowledge so I assume me will be someone older. would assume sme was or Is a side kick because of their knowledge ot sidekicks and their feelings. It sounds like the main character relates well with sadness of death or a great loss because, s/he explains it well in the poem. I believe that Ronald has maybe put this part about death In the poem because some hero of his might of died at the time. Or maybe he noticed one of his student's hero was lost and decided to write about it. The characters tone in the poem seems to be sad and depressed.

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An example would be in the fifth paragraph f the poem which says (Website 3): Who could sit In a darkened theatre, listen to the organ music (Ilke a funeral) and watch the best of ourselves lowered into the ground (like a casket being lowered) while the rest stood up there, tears pouring off that enormous nose. (sad for the lost of their hero) In the first 2 lines when it refers to a darkened theatre with organ music, I picture it as a funeral hall. In the next sentence as he talks about the best of ourselves being lowered Into tne ground. I see tnls as our neros casket Delng lava to rest. nen tne ero is being buried, Ronald Koerge paints us a picture of a side kicks emotion when one is caught crying for their hero. In the last 2 sentences while he's talking about tears pouring off that enormous nose, I see it as a side kick being sad for the loss of their hero. The mood is set up so well that it makes you want to cry. The author uses a simile and a metaphor to tell a story in the poem. Ronald wrote this metaphor "a yodel of a voice or ears big as kidneys" to compare side kicks to heros. He describes side kicks voices as usually weak or unsure, as opposed toa eros voice which is usually strong, powerful and leading.

Also using this simile "ears as big as kidneys" to describe how a hero's image or looks appear perfect or flawless, unlike a side kick with all its imperfections. There are two main symbolisms in the poem. The first symbol being the side kick, which symbolizes a child. The second is a hero, which symbolizes a parent. At the end of the poem it talks about how side kicks remind us of a part of ourselves that is like a child, never wanting to grow up and always wanting to look up to our hero's parents) for help and guidance.

The poem also talks about how a side kicks' outward appearance is not perfect like a hero's, but they don't care or get Jealous of a hero because they look up to them for support or guidance. It talks about a side kick being sad because the best of ourselves (herds) lowered into the ground (funeral), tears pouring off that enormous nose (sad for the loss). This poem was written as a free verse. By not adding all the other sound effects, it made the poem more relatable. The free verse style made the poems meaning deeper and more personal.

To add any sound effects would ruin the poems impact it would have to its readers. Ronald Koertge has done a lot in school, both teaching and learning. He has also written books about teens and young adults (Website 1, 2). He noticed that everyone has a need for a hero and that there is a side kick in all of us. He talks about sidekicks and what they are. But even deeper, he tells how hard it is to be a side kick and what a side kick goes thru. The author also tells us how sidekicks remind us of our selves, the part that never wants to grow up and always has to depend on others.

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