Should a Woman Be More Educated

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SHOULD A WOMAN BE MORE EDUCATED THAN A MAN OR SHOULD A MAN BE MORE EDUCATED THAN A WOMAN? August 13, 2012 SHOULD A WOMAN BE MORE EDUCATED THAN A MAN OR SHOULD A MAN BE MORE EDUCATED THAN A WOMAN? Thesis: Education is the key to success and therefore every woman or a man should be equally allowed to be educated if they so desire, the reason is society achieves more with both educated women and men and also educated women can make a family stronger whiles educated men can influence the nation with their leadership skills and enthusiasm.

Another reason is that women are like role models in their homes and also in the eyes of their children. Their passion and love they have for their children is so unique that nothing can stop a mother’s love and care for children and society. I. Keeping a girl child in the kitchen as some societies do and some cultures accept is not a better way to raise a great generation, For as the saying goes, educating a woman will help you raise a nation but educating a man will help you give good counsel. II. It is true that men are known as the head of the family yet without an educated woman in the house, the house is always empty.

III. Research have proven that at a time when women are consistently outperforming men in college enrollment and completion, women tend to value higher education more highly than men do and believe it has had a more positive impact on their lives, according to the results of a survey that was released in march 2010 by the Pew Research Center. IV. Some part of this world do not agree that a woman should be educated especially where I come from In Africa called Ghana, the belief is that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and the man needs to be more educated but I on’t agree to that and my stand in this argument is that “The woman should be more educated or equally educated because the pride of a nation is how their women are educated as well as the men. The public seems to be undecided about the impact of changes in the gender makeup of the student body. A majority of people surveyed welcomed the fact that more women than men were graduating from college and this makes me happy as woman because society makes us feel like we belong to the kitchen but not to be highly educated in some parts of the world. .

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Conclusion: I believe that everyone should be given the chance to a higher education regardless of culture traits, country or tribal differences, for when you raise a woman, you have raised a nation, even though men still take their positions in the home as the leaders and the decision makers, without an educated woman, a house will collapse and loose its sense of great direction. REF: http://chronicle. com/article/Women-Value-Higher-Education/12871http://www. statcan. gc. ca/pub/89-503-x/2010001/article/11542-eng. htm http://www. good. is/post/women-make-less-than-men-at-every-education-level/

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