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Ruby climbs up the stairs of the slide holding the bars with her hands and sits on the edge and then slides down. She then climbs up the slope from the bottom and then slides down again laughing as she does so. She repeats climbing up the stair and this time goes on her front and slides down body faced downwards. Appendix 2 Name of children and ages: Sara- 4. 8; Tests - 3. 9; Dawn -3. 5 Sara is playing in the nursery garden as it is time for free play.

Since she is the oldest child in the nursery, lot of other children enjoy following her and taking part in her role play activities as she is good at directing play and is imaginative. Sara [4. 8] runs up behind me with a piece off pipe in her hand and takes hold of my hand with her free one. She tugs me forward. Sara: "Look out miss Marina! There's a fire behind you! Run! Quick! " I turn around and pretend to be scared. Me: "Oh no Sara! What shall we do? How will you save me?! " Sara: "Don't worry, my team Is here, you won't get hurt.

Just follow me! Dawn comes up behind me as well with a pipe In his hand and pushes me. Dawn: "l save you! Come on! Run! " I quickly follow Sara, who has become the leader of the "fire fighters" and am followed by Dawn and Tests who are part of the team. Sara leads us towards the Wendy house on the other side of the garden. Sara: "Come Inside miss Marina, you'll be safe here. Ill look after you". I pretend to be deeply traumatized and followed Sara Into the Wendy house. Sara: "Stay here, 'cause the fire will hurt you.

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I have to put out the firer Come Tests, lets goal Dawn, follow us in the fire engine! " Sara runs to the and pretend to put out the fire. They make "whoosh' sounds as if the water is spurting out of the picks. Two minutes later the bell to signal the end of play time and Sara runs back to the Wendy house. Sara: "Miss Marina, we have to go inside now but can you play fire fighters with us next time too? " Me: "Of course I can Sara. Shall we pack the things up as Ms Nina is calling everyone over to line up.

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