Sexuality at Different Life Stages

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Sexuality at Different Life Stages Sexuality at Different Life Stages Through the different stages of our lives we experience sexuality in one way or another. In the stage of infancy we experience sexuality by the suckling our fingers to vaginal lubrication or erections. As we grow into older children we experience sexuality in the form of kissing and games such as doctor, or I will show you mine if you show me yours. In the case of Ana she is in the stage of adolescence. This is the stage when our body starts going through puberty and our sexual hormones are raging.

This is also the time when we want the adults to be the most informative and answer questions that we may have without judgment. Ana is at the point in her life where she is at a fork in the road and is unsure of what she wants to do, and is feeling like she is being torn because of comments she is hearing from her mom. As much as her mom thinks that she is trying to keep her daughter. The next stage in life is adulthood. During adulthood there can be many different ways that one will experience sexuality.

In the case of Tom and Susan they are both retired and although Susan is newly retired and has found interest in sex again Tom is not showing any interest. This could be a simple issue that could be taken care of with talking or even with medication. Then you can have the issue like in the case of Bill and being paralyzed which one may need to be informed of the possibilities into how he can be intimate with his partner. It is stated in Ana’s case that she is in the adolescent stage of her life and in love with her boyfriend who she has been dating for three years now.

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Her boyfriend is three years older and has putting pressure on her to have sex, and her mom is telling her that Ana’s boyfriend is going to take advantage of her because she is young. Ana needs to understand that what was right for her mother, or for her boyfriend may not be right for her. Ana needs to get away from the people that are in her ears and she needs to listen to what is in her heart. I do not believe in telling you Ana that I condone sex among adolescence, because I do not.

Although I feel that the more informed you are about not only the possibilities that could happen from having sex, such as teen pregnancy and STD’s, the more you as an individual will be able to make an informed decision. When deciding to have sex with someone you need to stop and think about the reason you are having sex with this person. Is it because you want to or is it because you are feeling pressure from that person to have sex? You need to know what you morally believe in and be able to stand up for what you believe in.

As far as your mother you need to let her know and to put her mind at ease that when you are ready to have sex with someone that you will make sure that you are having sex for all the right reasons and that you will be responsible about the decision you make. Keeping the line of communication open between you and your parents will help in being able to be informed about sex and the emotions that go along with it. A man can have sex with someone and not have it mean anything, but unfortunately for girls it is not the same.

When a woman has sex with someone it is because she has strong feelings for that person and want to be together with that person and because she loves that person, and unfortunately that is not always the case for the person you decide to have a sexual relationship with. Tom and Susan you have both entered a stage in your life where you are at different stages sexually. Susan you are feeling sexual desire again in your stage of life whereas Tom may be at the stage where he is unsure that he may be able to perform.

We all as individuals go through this in this stage of life because life takes a toll on us from our appearance being changed and looking older to maybe sexually things not working the way we want them to and this can play a big role in how we feel about ourselves mentally. As far as the way you look, all that matters is what your partner thinks of you and Tom thinks that your are more beautiful than the day he married you. As for you Tom being nervous about the possibility of things not working when you want them to can create a lot of unnecessary stress that could add to the problem of things not working.

We can try one of two things, you can go home leave all your worries in my office and just enjoy each other and remind each other what you guys mean to one another, or we can look into prescribing something that will help you when you find yourselves wanting to be in that intimate moment. In the case of Bill he is at a point in his life that most adults if they are lucky will never have to go through and that is being able to be intimate with someone when you are paralyzed from the waist down. With a situation like this you as the individual going through the problem needs to know and understand the extent of your injury.

Knowing the extent of the injury would be able to let you know if you were able to achieve an erection or not. With everything that goes on between couples normally this is one more thing that can and will cause stress. There are many ways that you and your mate can find pleasure from each other you just need to be willing to think outside of the box. We as individuals go through so much as we grow and mature, that we often complicate the simple things in life instead of taking things in stride. In the cases that we went through we discussed many different ideas that can either be complicating a relationship, or making it better.

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