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I have chosen to pick Broadmeadow for the area, as whilst I got robbed, many other community members got robbed on the same day, by the same person. This area seems relevant to my investigation and should provide some interesting results. The area is also very close to home, so I wouldn’t need to go out of my way to get to the place needed for investigating. The three aims that I have chosen all relate back to the robbery that took place in my home. I want to investigate if this was just coincidence or if this is happening across the whole board.

I also want to investigate the security measures people have put into place to counter this criminal aactivity. Aims of the topic:

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  1. To investigate the trends in Crime Rate over the last 5 years
  2. To investigate the security measures people have put into place 3.

To identify major types of crime Hypotheses:

  1. Over the last 5 years, I think that the crime rate has slowly increased, to its peak. On the radio/tv/computer I hear about different robberies daily. I think this trend will have an affect across all of NSW and Australia.
  2. In Broadmeadow, I think that people will have ssimilar security measures as one another.
  3. I think this would be because of council regulation and what other people in the neighborhood have recommended.
  4. I think that the most common form of crime in the Broadmeadow area would be either theft or break and enter. Due to the large amount of criminal aactivity in the area.

Plan of Investigation/Methodology Steps for Research:

  1. Find topic – research if applicable in area
  2. Find aims, hypothesize the aims
  3. Rationale of the topic
  4. Finding of ways to collect and provide examples
  5. Walk around Broadmeadow area and recording security measures
  6. Interview police on crime rates/ major types of crime in Broadmeadow
  7. Research on the internet the verify findings
  8. Analyse information
  9. Evaluate findings
  10. Does this support or refute the hypotheses?

What are the implications of the findings Explanations:

  1. Whilst walking around the Broadmeadow area, I will record what security measures owiners have on their houses into a table. This will include 50 houses from 3 roads – Everton Street, Dumaresq Street and Blackall Street. Next I will gather all this data and find the ppercentage of each security measure.
    Next I will analyse these findings and compare them to findings on the internet and make an appropriate conclusion either supporting or refuting the hypothesis made.
  2. I will create an interview based on the findings of the previous research. These questions will involve finding statistics on crime rates/major types which I can then relate back to the previous research found. Once the data has been recorded, I will separate these findings into two graphs; One graph will show the deviation in in crime rates, the other will show major types of crime and the security measure most affected by this.

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