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Selling Class Assignment

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In this case, Margaret Sprunger is handling the sales rep Jenner is accused of passing confidential information. Firstly, Margaret should take further investigation on this case. She should investigate clearly that did Jenner pass the confidential information to Orthopedics. After the investigation, if she finds out that he really pass the confidential information to Orthopedics, the company can fire Jenner. It is illegal for any staff to participate in trading on the confidential information. And this case should send a memo to the whole company.

This shows the employees that passing confidential information to others is a serious issue and can remind them the consequence of doing this If Margaret didn’t have any evidence to proof Jenner is convicted, she should explain to Bob Heckman about this issue. And also need to explain to Jenner the whole issue. Jenner may be upset by this issue and loss morale. The company should motivate Jenner. After that, the company should take some action to minimize the possibility of sales rep to leak some confidential information to others. This is related to the ethical and legal responsibilities of the staff.

The first thing is to set up the code of ethics in the company. A code of ethics is a written ethical guideline to let the employees to follow. Having a code of ethics can show that the organization cares about whether its employees behave in an ethical manner. The company is responsible for establishing, communicating, and enforcing the ethical standards they expect their salespeople to follow. They should provide some training for them to understand the code of ethics as they may not know how to follow the ethical standard in some situation.

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Selling Class Assignment

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In the training lessons, they will face some ethical dilemma, this gives them a guideline to handle it when they face in the selling process. Besides that, sales managers must ensure that their salespeople are aware of their legal responsibilities. They must provide training with regard to their legal responsibilities. This can prevent them to do some illegal things. Sometimes they may not even know they are committing crime and don’t know the seriousness of some action like passing confidential information to others. The company should update them with the most recent court case and the enactment of laws.

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