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Apple’s IPad Selling And Distribution

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Everywhere you look, there's an iPad.

Apple's on a roll and is moving really quickly to not only expand its dominance but also to blanket every retail and reseller channel to get its devices into people's hands. Apple's pushing the iPad into every channel that it can because there's a major shift starting now in computing, from the laptop form factor to tablets, which leverage smartphone operating systems,. Apple started out using exclusive distribution when starting to sell the iPad in April of 2010 only through its own website and U. S. -based Apple stores.The company currently has a total of about 200 stores worldwide. Apple eventually began to take part in selective distribution by expanded to selling through Best Buy.

More recently, the iPad has been made available through Amazon and Target (1,740 U. S. stores), and now debuts in some Wal-Mart and Verizon stores . The iPad is available through more than 2,300 stores by now. Apple Ipad is already a very successful product for the computer giant, and it can only get bigger as the company allows its largest distributors to provide all six models of the must-have tablet to authorized resellers across the U.S. This move continues Apple’s careful expansion of iPad availability, and allows users to gain access to the device at various locations worldwide.

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Tech Data Corporation, a major distributor of Apple’s products, revealed today that the company has now been given permission by Apple to sell the iPad to its customers for the first time – those customers being IT solution providers in over 100 countries. This is a significant move by Apple, as they’ve been very protective of the iPad’s image and third-party availability since the device’s launch back in April.Many online resellers can still only offer the iPad over the phone, as Apple’s strict rules prevent them from selling online due to the approval of promotional graphics. The move is sure to increase sales. Apple has expanded its go-to-market strategy for its iPad tablet device, pushing it through retailers such as Wal-Mart, expanding carrier sales through a deal with Verizon, and also taking the device through IT distribution via a deal with Tech Data

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