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Self Ratings of Dependency/Addiction Regarding Drugs, Sex

The purpose of this study “Self Rating Of dependency/addiction regarding drugs, sex, love, food: male and female college students” was to see if drug addiction and dependencies were related to each other in any type of way. They also wanted to see if they were related to addictions and dependency in other areas such as love, sex, food, ect. Some questions they asked themselves to help conduct the study was “to what degree do addictions to drugs, sex, love, and food correlate with each other? ”, “Are there meaningful sex differences in the addictions? ” so they gathered 9,313 college students to help them come up with an answer.

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They start off with saying people like to be in control of them self’s not addictions being in control of them. When people have addictions people tend to feel a lack of control and usually when they feel weak in one area they are weak in other areas. These researchers feel that if you feel like you’re the victim there’s a relationship on being dependent on drugs, sex, love, food and so on. Some other things they thought were just because you’re addicted or dependent on something didn’t necessarily mean you were addicted or dependent to something similar to that.

For example; there are so many types of drugs out in the world if someone was addicted or dependent on a certain drug they didn’t have to dependent or addicted to other drugs. In order to get their results they grabbed 9313 students from the U. S and Canada. 3086 were male and 6230 were females. Now what they did was have each professor have their students fill out a long questioner that had questions about; sex differences, drugs and other addictions. After they were done with this they were told to fill out self- ratings.

Now self ratings were test that the person who is taking the test decides whether a question…………………………………………………………. They were given fourteen categories. Those categories were; alcohol, amphetamines, barbitures, being in love, chocolate, cocaine, coffee, cigarettes, gambling, having sex, heroin, marijuana, and food in general. And what they were suppose to do with this was on a scale of 0-100 choose a number that best fits with if they ever felt them self’s dependant or addicted to the categories.