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Same Sex Marriage: Overview

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Same-sex marriage is a term used for a social or legally recognized marriage amid two people of the same gender. Freeman, M. D. A (1999). The most commonly term used in politics and media is Gay marriage. Some crusaders of the same-sex marriage use the name equal- marriage to emphasis that they are looking for equality and not special rights when it comes to marriage between people of the same sex. There are those people who argue that equating opposite-sex marriage and same-sex marriage will change the entire meaning of marriage and its general traditions (Hull, K. 2006).

Moreover they often use the term Homosexual marriage which is regarded to be more stigmatizing than the term gay. There are those people who suggest that the term marriage should be reserved for civil, religious and legal contexts using a standardized concept of civil companionship. This kind of arrangement will reinforce the wall of division between the state and the church by putting a holly institution entirely to the church while placing secular organization under the control of the state. Some opponents and proponents of the same sex-marriage find suggestions of that sort to be unworkable.

Whereas there are instances of some societies who recognize same-sex marriages, historical records shows a remarkable diversity of the treatment given to same-sex marriages which range from toleration and sympathy to indifferences and prohibition. Some organizations that are opposed to same-sex marriage often ague that same-sex unions are not marriages (Hull, K. 2006). They also argue that legalizing same-sex marriage will encourage legalization of polygamy and that legalizing same-sex marriage will deny children either a father or a mother while at the same time eroding religious freedoms.

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A research by American Anthropological Association states no proof has been found to show that people need to maintain marriage between people of the opposite sex and that same-sex marriage can make a greater contribution in stabilizing human societies. To add on, there are crusaders of the same-sex marriage who argue that governments should not play any part in regulating individual relationships. While there are those who insist that by allowing same-sex marriages the governments will be promoting collective benefits to same-sex partners.

As stated by Sean Robert Cahill, Sean Cahill (2004) the debate surrounding same-sex marriage includes debate based on different social viewpoints and debate based upon religious convictions, health-related concerns, economic arguments and a variety of other different issues. We can say that the issue of same-sex marriage was meant to be ever since the creation of the universe and people should try and accept it as it is. We should also try and note that we are a people of one race and those we all hold female and male traits inside us, period.

There are those people who are reverse-wired than other people and those who are androgynous. This is factual whether it is left-handedness or right-handedness or someone being right brained or left brained, et cetera. It is true that Love through understanding and tolerance is a most important factor to spiritual growth.... or else we stumble in fear-based thinking, selfishness and pure and absolute hate (prejudice) against our fellow women and men.

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