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Physics Projectile Motion

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Using a projectile gun on an incline plane, calculate the velocity of the steel ball at ten different distances, then find the average velocity. In order to find the velocity of the steel ball two different equations are needed.

In order to find the velocity of the steel ball fired from the projectile gun on an inclined plane, the first equation must be manipulated and substituted into the second equation. Then use the average velocity to determine the distance of a projectile being released at a different angle. Physics Principles:

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  • Converting from centimeters to meters
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Quadratic formula:x=-b±b2-4ac2a

Know how to get the derived formula:

Materials Needed:

  • Projectile gun
  • Projectile
  • Incline paper
  • Carbon paper
  • 4 sheets of regular printing paper
  • Tape Measure
  • Calculator
  • Pen

Notebook paper Pre-Lab exercise: Using the two formulas solve forv0. Equation 1: x= v0xt(vox=v0cos? ) x=v0cos? (t) t=xv0cos? Equation 2: y= y0+v0yt-12gt2(v0y=v0sin? ) y= y0+v0sin? xv0cos? -12gxv0cos? 2 y= y0+xsin? cos? -12gx2v02cos2?


Tape 4 sheets of carbon paper together portrait style, end to end.

Tape 4 sheets of printing paper using the same portrait style. Then tape 4 sheets of regular printing paper behind the carbon paper. Make sure to adjust the bottom edge of the taped sheets so that the bottom touches the ground. Next, assemble the projectile gun with the incline plane. The angle of the incline plane was placed at 35 degrees and make sure the wing is secure so that it will not slip. Test fire the projectile gun and record the distance in centimeters using the tape measure.

This distance is used to determine how far the gun shoots the steel ball and will be used in the actual experiment. Aim the projectile gun at the carbon paper, make sure you measure the distance from the steel ball to the ground. Fire the projectile gun at the paper and write down the number 1 next to the point where the ball hit. After the first shot you can move the projectile gun backwards or forwards, depending on your decision. Fire the projectile gun and write down the number 2 for the second point.

Repeat this step 8 more times and record the results on a table. After all ten trials have been completed take down the printing paper sheet and measure how far between from where the bottom was to each point of contact made with the projectile gun. Use the equation v0=12gx2cos2? [xtan? -y-y0] on each trial to find the velocity. Then find the average velocity for all ten trials. Carbon Paper Carbon Paper Projectile Gun Projectile Gun Results Results

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