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Review of Music and Lyrics Movie

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Music and Lyrics is a film featuring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant (Music and Lyrics, 2007). Hugh Grant plays the role of Alex Fletcher, who was a famous pop star in the 1980s and Drew Barrymore plays Sophie Fisher, a frustrated literary writer.

In the movie, Fletcher was constrained to use the medium of a song in order to communicate his apologies for saying awful things to Fisher (Music and Lyrics, 2007). In so doing, Fletcher demonstrated his knowledge of interpersonal skills in winning over Fisher.

Communication skills refer to a person’s ability to effectively articulate a specific message through written, verbal, or graphic means (Floren, 1998). These skills include the ability to present an idea clearly, resolve conflicts skillfully, and utilize technologies as means to put a message through (Floren, 1998).

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In the scene in the movie Music and Lyrics where Flectcher sang a heartfelt song of apology to Fisher, the former was able to exhibit all the abovementioned communication skills. He had a specific message in mind; he meant to apologize to Fisher for saying awful things. He also intended to, and succeeded in, expressing his true feelings for Fisher (Music and Lyrics, 2007).

Fletcher was successful in presenting his idea clearly (Floren, 1998). He used carefully chosen lyrics that could put his message through, even using rhyme and music for artistry. In such a short period consisting of less than five minutes, Fletcher was able to mention Fisher’s specific endearing habits. He was also able to sing about the way that Fisher was able to make him feel better.

Finally, Fletcher’s song served a major purpose of communication, which is conflict resolution (Floren, 1998). The song was so honest that there could have been no other ending for the story but to have Fisher accept Fletcher’s apology.


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