Revenge is bittersweet- the count of monte cristo

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Edmond pleads that he is innocent, Violent does not grant him any sympathy and sends him to prison. For thirteen years Edmond gets whipped and beaten up for being accused of a crime that he did not commit. While he is captive he meets a priest, Babe Farina. Farina teaches Dante to defend himself, however the final lesson he teaches Dante is, 'Do not commit the crime for which you now serve the sentence. 'Farina is saying that Dante should not commit a crime as he would have to serve a sentence, which in this case he meant hat Dante should feel guilty if he commits a crime as he is being as bad as the person who harmed and disrespected him.

As soon as Edmond Dante escapes the prison all he longing is to get revenge on Violent for sending him to prison. Dante disguises himself as the Count of Monte Crisis with the help of his friend Jackpot. Dante providentially plans and plots avenge on Violent so that he can suffer like how he did. "They should suffer like how I did,"as Dante quotes throughout the film. After devising a few of tricks Dante ambushes Violent and gets him arrested. Violent feels convicted once he has been seized and remorse incarcerating Dante.

Ultimately, Dante is penitent for Violent as another soul is in agony. Regarding Bernard Monde, Dante is hysterical about Monde as he has appropriated and betrayed Dante. Monde who was once Dante dear friend took away his beloved fiance. As a consequence Dante complicity revenge on Monde. He transacts this by costively taking away everything that Monde has. Initially, Montages fortune, wealth and eventually his wife Mercedes. Dante begins taking Montages fortune s that is all that he really has. Once all of Montages funds have been withdrawn he begins a to collapse.

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Eventually, Dante gets Mercedes and all of Montages riches. As Monde states, " Now you've taken Mercedes," which frustrates him. Although Dante has Mercedes and fortune it is still not enough, he wants Monde to pay, therefore they fight to the death. Dante takes a man's life for the first time, Montages. Despite that Dante got his vengeance he now lives the blood stains of another man's life on the palm of his hands. This emotion of remorse and contrition ill always remain with Dante as what has once been done cannot be undone.

Dante learns from this that he should have listened the final lesson the priest told him ", Do not commit the crime for which you now serve the sentence. " Dante says, "All that was used for vengeance will now be used for good," in the consequence, intimating that he will not have vengeance over anyone but use what he did for good now. Dante has his mind focused on vengeance that he loses what is important, Mercedes. Dante is concentrated on getting revenge on Violent and Monde that he avoids who was once his fiance. Luckily for Dante Mercedes remembered him, even in his disguise as The Count of Monte Crisis.

Mercedes tries to reason with Dante, however Dante says to Mercedes, "If you ever loved me, don't rob me of my hate. It's all I have. "Dante constantly pushes away Mercedes whom is he who once loved dearly. Eventually, Dante begins to focus on Mercedes than revenge, unfortunately it is too late. Monde battles Dante to the death. Mercedes loses the man who was once her husband even though she gets the love of her life back. Although Mercedes and Dante are back together now nothing ever be like how it once was and Dante will have to live with guilt of choosing vengeance over Mercedes.

Consequently, revenge does not provide or do any good. Instead, Dante learns and has to live with remorse and guilt of murdering Monde. Although he gets Mercedes back, Mercedes will always remember everything that Dante did. How he pushed away her, how he would rather get vengeance than be with her. Vengeance never did any good, it Just created remorse and guilt to the beholder of it. As for what happens, the murder of Monde, it can never be undone. As for the feeling of guilt it will always remain.

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