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The Count of Monte Cristo Critical Essay

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The movie The Count of Monte Cristo took place in France in the nineteenth century around 1814 on the islands of Elba, Chateau d’If and Monte Cristo. This was during the time after the fall of Napoleon’s empire. The Count of Monte Cristo tells a story of betrayal, ultimate revenge, and undying love. Edmond Dantes, a sailor who was falsely accused of treason by his best friend was sentenced to prison where he plots his revenge against those who betrayed him.

Armond Mondego the friend who out of jealousy plotted against Edmond to win the beautiful Mercedes and fortune was later destroyed by the revenge and hate of Edmond who became known as The Count of Monte Cristo. The string that Mercedes ties around her finger represents that she is bound to Edmond by undying love forever. The transformation that Edmond made in becoming The Count of Monte Cristo was the beginning to Edmond taking his life back; He became bold, dark and vengeful.

Throughout the movie chess pieces are referred to as places of stature. Napoleon refers to kings and pawns as emperors and fools. When Edmond gains the position of captain of the Pharron ship Armond tells Edmond “victories are kings of the moment. ” Armond hands Edmond a King as he is being arrested as a symbol to remind him of better days. In prison this chess piece is used as a reminder to Edmond of how he was betrayed and his life stripped from him. This later is returned to Mondago as his life falls apart because of the revenge from Edmond.

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The Count of Monte Cristo Critical Essay essay

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