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Don’t Count Your Chicken Before They Are Hatched

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DON’T COUNT YOUR CHICKEN BEFORE THEY ARE HATCHED Dongosu had just being promoted to the last call in secondary and he was preparing for his final exams which will make him gain admission into university. His parent were rich and they have pampered him, he spent most of his time watching films and playing games, so he has no time for his studies. At about a week to his final exams, he overheard some of his friend discussing about a man called scoopy who is an expert in sending malpractices’ to one during exams via mobile phone..

Dongosu was happy to hear this, he collected all information needed about scoopy and he went to meet him concerning his final exams. Scoopy promised to send him the answers during the exam and they both agreed on the amount of money scoopy would collect. During the exam Dongosu would receive the answers as a text message and he would copy it into his exam booklet.

After the exams, Dongosu boasted to everyone that his result would be the best in the state, he also told his parent he would like to throw up a party on the day the result would be out. His father called him and told him to be patient till when the result comes out. But he insisted that he would buy a projector and present the result in front of all his friends so that he can be recognized as the best student.

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On the day the result would be out, at about 5 minutes before the result will be projected ,all Dongosu’s friend were rejoicing and dancing merrily, the master of the ceremony announced the next item on the agenda, which is visiting the net and searching for Dongosu’s result, immediately his name was seen on the result list, the music was tune to a high level and people began to wait for his result to load on the computer, after the results loaded, Dongosu had fail in all his subject and he is to re-read the final class.

Dongosu fainted immediately and he was rushed to the hospital, after several hours,he was revived back to life, he has been disgraced publicly, he apologized to his and he also told them about scopy. Scoopy was arrested and prosecuted he confessed that it was Dongosu’s friends who told him to Dongosu, so Dongosu faced his studies squarely and he learnt never to count his chickens before they are hatched.

Don’t Count Your Chicken Before They Are Hatched essay

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What chickens can and should not eat?

Do NOT feed your chickens: Raw potato peel (while these aren’t necessarily toxic raw or cooked, any green parts of potatoes can be dangerous to chickens, just as they are to humans) Citrus (very little is okay, but go easy on it) Asparagus Dried or undercooked beans Avocado skin or pit Raw eggs (encourages them to eat their own eggs) Sugary stuff

What does count our chickens before they hatched?

The phrase has the connotative meaning of assuming something before having it , it also means that one must not openly express his success until one successfully achieves it. He had counted his chickens before they hatched , that's why he is unable to face the society.

What do you do with chicks after they hatch?

What To Do After The Chicks Have Hatched. After three days, the chicks will need food. Set out starter rations for the mother and the babies to eat and plenty of fresh, clean water for them to drink. She will teach them how to peck the grains and dip their beaks into the water by clucking and demonstrating what to do.

What not to feed your backyard chickens?

Here is a list of what not to feed your chickens: 1. Raw potato peels, especially green ones, can contain a toxic substance called solanine. This chemical may be harmful to your flock, even deadly.

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