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Report on Talent Planning in Organisations

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Human Resources Management Resourcing Talent Activity 1 ” Report on Talent Planning in Organisations “

Factors that affect an organizations approach to attracting talent Companies are offering attractive packages for educated and talented people who have interest it the role with in the company for example: * Pension – private pensions schames with in the company , retirement programs * Flexi time of work – where employee can chose when he is able to work once the work load is done by dead line time, giving opportunity for work life balance * Learning opportunities- the company gives ability to learn and develop skills PDP plan and also offering courses, or finance degree programs for employees in order to develop company * Attractive and fair solary- employees are working at different levels of performance also at different grades within the company, the knowledge that the hard work is going to be rewarded Three organizations benefits of attracting and retaining o diverse workforce Trzy organizacje korzysci z przyciagniecia i utrzymania o. roznorodnych pracownikow) * The company can gather huge amount of talent from all around the world, which might not find it the country of origin of the company. * Different people different approaches from all around the world can help company to expand to different markets * Many organizations recognise that a diverse workforce helps the organization understand and respond to the needs of an increasingly diverse client base

Three factors that affect an organizations approach to recruitment and selection Trzy czynniki wplywajace na podejscie do organizacji rekrutacji i selekcji The factors can be internal and external the example of internal approach is: * Recruitment policy- which include : general recruitment policies and terms of the organisation, recruitment services of consultants, recruitment of temporary employee, unique recruitment situations, selection process, job descriptions, terms and conditions of the employment. * Cost of recruitment process- who is recruiting do they have skills needed is it agency . External factor could be: * Unemployment rate – where employer is setting the recruitment process at very high level and is looking for high qualified and skilled people because of amount of candidates more or less suitable for the role, to choose the best one, also salary offered can be lower because of economic situation. * Image of company- is company the employer of choice Recruitment methods Internal recruitment – Where company is preparing job specification and skills desirable and is looking for employee within the company who can take position offering promotion or transfer to different department * External recruitment – outsourcing where empoyer is advertising externally in newspapers, online the position he is seeking for with full job description and skills needed * Agancy recruitment- where employer is handing the recruitment proces to the recruitment agency paying fee for finding right candidate. Selection methods * Interwiew- the most popular technique,the interview is great for information exchange between applicant and interviewer regarding an applicant's suitability and interest in a job the employer seeks to fill.

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Since interviews can be rather flexible, any missing pieces of information about an applicant can be collected at this time. * Test - If this is an important part of the role, it may be worth using a test, for example if some IT skills are needed for the posts, such as Access database skills, using test you can quickly eliminate candidates which wouldn’t know the answer to the questions asked. * Presentation- In assessing presentations, it is important to have decided on the criteria against which each candidate will be marked. How the person communicates with the panel and gets their points across, as well as how they interact with the members of the panel.

Purpose of induction and how they benefit individuals and organisations It is process of bringing, introducing, familiarising a new recruit into the oraginsation. This program familiarises the new employee about the culture, accepted practices and performance standards of the organization. Induction training is very essential for any company because it helps an individual or new recruit to grow within a company and motivates him. New employee is more confidence. During induction new recruit gets to know about the organisation's employment philosophy, physical work environment, employee's rights, employee's responsibilities, organisation, culture and values and also with key business processes.

Induction program should include all the aspects of the organisation and present for the awareness of the new employee. Like emergency procedures, facilities, safety issues, right's of the employee, what to be paid, no harassment, equal opportunity, grievance procedures, employee responsibilities, times, conduct standards, job function, dress requirements, organisational structure, what it does, how they fit in, who is their Manager, the functions of different departments, how the employee will be managed, what the performance management process will involve, and his role in that process. The benefits for the organisation is also visible as they get to push forward the way they wish their new employees to act and to tell them exactly what is expected of them.

A successful workforce is one that everyone knows what their role is and how to complete the tasks assigned to them. Therefore, without an induction day, time and money can be lost further down the line when the staff member doesn't meet the required standard due to not being told exactly what is expected of them. Induction Plan that identifies areas to be covered, timelines and those involved in the process It is very important for all staff and company to have induction plan in place it standardise the information that staff members are getting when joining the organisation or being transferred from another department. * Show location of food, drink and bathrooms as a top priority, so the person could move around the building comfortably. Tell existing employees about the new person, and encourage them to stop by and say hello, visit and show around the facility the new person will be based in that will let new employee to be introduce to most of the staff * We can provide chart and office/building seating plan, to help make sense of of people, names and departments. * Have all security and passes ready and waiting. * Have a trusted team member explain the unwritten rules and subtleties of office politics. * emergency procedures should be discus while inducting * explaining one more time duties, responsibilities and introduce person to report to Staff induction plans set the tone of the relationship between employee and employer. With thought and a small amount of prior organisation, you can get the relationship off to a flying start by using an effective staff induction plan. .

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