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Here are some of the kinds of writing I have done, In and out of school, during the past year (check all those that apply). 0 Essays about literature CLC Book reports Emails for work or to friends Journal entries Personal narratives 0 Short stories Speeches for special occasions 0 Research papers ј Job applications 0 Letters for business purposes 0 Notes too teacher Summaries Persuasive essays Deflations Diary entries Descriptions 0 Songs Poems Newspaper articles 0 Letters to friends or family ј Postcards 0 Thank-you notes Text messages Any others you can think of:

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Of the items on my list, I most liked writing personal narratives and research papers because I enjoy telling personal stories and learning about new subjects. 3. I least enjoyed writing poems and speeches because writing poems isn’t one of my strengths and I don’t enjoy talking in front of a large group of people; especially strangers. 4. When I am given a writing assignment, I usually follow this process: I create a chart of my Ideas along with reasons, write a rough draft, have someone read It, I make corrections, and then I write the final draft. And overall structure. 6.

I think that the area of my writing most needing work is broadening my vocabulary. 7. The types of writing that I will probably do in my college courses are persuasive, analytical, and argumentative; in my possible career, analytical and argumentative; in my personal life descriptions. 8. In the past, my experiences with writing courses have been great. 9. My writing goals for this course are to broaden my vocabulary and to learn new writing styles. 10. My thoughts and concerns as I begin this course are not knowing my grades on my papers and assignments really frightens me. Other than that, I cannot wait to begin growing as a writer.