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Quotes for Zorba the Greek

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Journal Entry #1 Quote: “the only way to save yourself is to endeavor to save others? ” Page: 5 In life there are times when people cannot only focus on themselves. In order to move on, and fulfill life’s destiny you must help those that surround you. One cannot truly understand who they are and why they were brought to earth unless they consider helping those around them. Helping others teaches you to become more understanding patient, and sympathetic toward others. You initially free yourself of any conflict between others and help them as well.

Journal Entry #2 Quote: “I’d believe in God, and I’d believe in the devil, too” Page: 54 God is considered a supernatural creator and overseer of the universe, while the devil is considered a powerful entity and the epitome of all things evil. Life is never completely perfect; there will always be a glimpse of evil. In order to believe in God you have to believe there is a devil. When I first saw these words I was taken a back; how can one believe in God yet still follow the devil.

I then realized that though the God and Devil are completely opposites they both combine to make on just like the yin and yang. Journal Entry #3 Quote: “I felt once more how simple and frugal a thing is happiness” Page: 80 Today in the 21st century we are easily amused by what money can buy us even if it costs a fortune. Yet when you take a break from all the money spending and spend time with friends, nature, and family it is easy to see that you can find happiness everywhere especially the smallest things. You do not have to be economically viable in order to find happiness.

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Quotes for Zorba the Greek

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Journal Entry # 4 Quote: “Woe to him who wants to please others! ” Page: 182 Today in the 21st century we would read this quote as ‘warning to him who wants to please others. ’ Too often does one get teased upon for helping those in need. This quote further proves that when one person tries to please everyone they get overwhelmed with despair. Another way to read this is that when you constantly try to please others you never help yourself or make yourself happy so you continuously thrust sadness upon yourself. Journal Entry # 5

Quote: “That’s the road to take; find the absolute rhythm and following it with absolute trust. ” Page: 233 As teenagers we are always told that everyone has a talent, when we grow older everyone tells us to pick a job that will support you financially. Sometimes ones talent will not support you financially such as an artist, photographer, or dancer. Yet this quote tells us to find our talent find something we like to do and stick with it. In other words go with your gut feeling. Zorba the Greek Poem: Narrator’s perspective Night had fallen,

The sky was pitch – black. Thinking to myself It’s over. God is no longer with us. Laying down in a bunk next to a man, Once a complete stranger is now considered family. I was afraid of finding myself alone one evening I lay down in my new bed, reflecting on my new life. I remember the books and how they comforted me, I remember my precious Friend. Never shall I forget the last moment we shared. Whenever I happened to dream of a better world I imagined myself in the hands of my friend surrounded by life. Awakened from such a beautiful lie,

I tell myself don’t let your self be overcome by lies. To believe meant I was weak. Everyday I knew an adventure was waiting for me. The nights were unbearable. Every night was filled with silence. Silence that broke my heart. Night. It was my time to think, To think of my books and my friend. To think of Zorba, and our spontaneous friendship. Most of all to think of what I will become. Night had fallen The sky was pitch – black Laying in a bunk next to a man, Thinking to myself. I am no longer who I used to be. I am no longer the awkward bookworm.

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