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The company that we selected is ''Qatar Airways''. This project is going to offer a general idea of the strategic management process, terms that are included in the process, and the benefits of strategic management to Qatar Airways. Furthermore, it discusses the mission, goals, and the strategies of the company (Qatar Airways). A SWOT Analysis of Qatar Airways will be provided, followed by six strategies that will help the company grow or stay successful. The first part of the project will consist of an introduction on Qatar Airways. The second part is identifying the mission, goals, and strategies used by the company.

Followed by the strategic management process, the SWOT Analysis, and the strategies in helping the company stay successful in its line of business. Qatar Airways is an airline founded and built in Doha which is the capital of Qatar. This airline is based in Doha which links 72 destinations all together, and is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world. It is also ranked one of the four airlines in the world that have been given the 5 star airlines Status from skytrax. Furthermore, it is known for being a member of the Arab air carrier's organization.

This highly ranked airline was established in 22 November 1993 and began its flight operations in 20 January 1994. It was owned by the royal family of the state which is Qatar, and then it was launched again by a new management team in April 1997 headed by Akbar Albaker which was the chief executive. Today Qatar Airways is owned by 50% government and 50% private investors. Qatar Airways was the official airline for the Asian games that were held in Doha city (Qatar) in the date 1-15-2006. In the year 2006, it introduced some new insignia for their new plains in the year 2006.

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The first aircraft with this insignia was a340-600hgw which was launched in ITB Berlin. This aircraft had the word Qatar was inscribed across the fuselage in burgundy in March 2006, and the aircrafts fin was painted with an Oryx which is the nation icon and symbol of Qatar. This specific insignia was designed and created by and Australian marketing company that goes by the name Performa Global. Qatar Airways privilege club has the highest earn rate in the world. In November 2006 the airline announced their plan of opening of 7 new destinations to be launched in the year 2007.

These 7 destinations are: Lagos (Nigeria), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Denpasar (Bali, Indonesia), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Newark (USA), and Washington D. C. (USA). Two other routes will also be launched to parts of Europe in 2007 which are Geneva and Stockholm. Qatar Airways has made an announcement that they plan to enter the North American market in June 24, 2007 with a new aircraft A340-600 HGW. It will start daily Washington D. C. (Dulles) flights starting June 24, 2007, where as the New York (Newark Liberty) flights will start at the date June 28, 2007, with a thrice weekly A330-200 flight via Geneva, a new European destination.

Mission: is a statement of the purpose of an organization. Every organization needs a mission; it helps these organizations to see their purpose. Also managers should identify their goals and strategies that are currently followed. Knowing an organizations goal helps managers in knowing whether these goals have to be changed or not. One of the most important steps in a strategic management process is analyzing the environment. An organization needs to know what awaiting laws might affect the organization, what the competition is making, or what the labor supply is.

Managers have to observe both general and specific environment to know what changes are happening in an external environment. To develop suitable strategies mangers should stay on top if changes in an external environment. Managers need to evaluate what they have learned in terms of opportunities that a company can take advantage of, and the threats that they have to avoid after observing their environment. This step lets managers realize that no matter how large or successful an organization is they are forced by their capabilities and resources. One important part of internal analysis that's often overlooked is organizational culture.

It is important because different cultures have different effects on strategy. Most of the employees have a clear understanding of what the organization is about in a strong culture. This makes it easier for managers to express to new employees the organizations core competencies and strengths, but it may be more difficult to change organizational strategies. A strategically appropriate culture is one that supports the organization's strategy. Another important but hard to analyze asset during an internal analysis is cooperate reputation. SWOT analysis: is an analysis of the organizations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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