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Public Speaking

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When on-stage speaking in front of a group of people may not seem so bad, unless you are unprepared to speak then it may become extremely nerve racking. Delivering a speech is easier for some than for others; however, it may be difficult for anyone who is ill prepared. Some ways you can be unprepared is by not spending your time writing your speech, getting all the facts straight and in order. This results in your work remaining incomplete. Also if you do not rehearse you are more likely to make a mistake or say something that doesn’t contribute to the subject of your speech.

When all the facts are in order, the speaker is able to exude confidence when delivering his/her speech. A well written speech will also stick to the point and follow a certain order, whether it is time sequence or importance. When writing a speech, one must keep in mind who they are speaking to and what is the purpose of giving the speech. If you do not spend the time writing with a purpose, delivering the speech may become very difficult. So research your subject, find a purpose, and write with confidence.

In class while watching my classmates delivers their speeches I was able to identify the people who were prepared and those who weren’t. The ones that were prepared had a very well executed presentation and they kept me involved. They seemed to speak with confidence and made eye contact with the audience. The well delivered presentations flowed nicely and were very informative. A speech can also be entertaining when delivered with enthusiasm. Those who were not prepared would start to stutter, take long pauses, and make nervous gestures.

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Public Speaking

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I believe that anyone and everyone can be a great public speaker if they take their time to prepare! All they have to do is find a purpose, research, and rehearse. That will give them the confidence needed to give a successful speech. Also by knowing their material, they will be able to answer any impromptu questions that may arise. Even the most eloquent speakers have writers, but can often blunder when asked questions. That is why you should only speak with a purpose.

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