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Brilliant Public Speaking: An Informational Video

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Brilliant Public Speaking Amber Owens BECOME/275 Business Communications and Critical Thinking August 5, 2014 Brilliant Public Speaking was a very informational video. I enjoyed hearing from each and every person In the video.

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Brilliant Public Speaking: An Informational Video

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. The one thing that stood out of my mind the most is how each and every one of them said to make the speech personal. One person said that facts are true, but stories sell.

In other words make the speech something they want to hear. Don't bore them by constantly repeating the same thing and staying the same tone. This video tied In well with this week's topic because It shows how effectively to communicate when giving a speech in the workplace. The flare factor would be the practice I use. The reason I would use this practice Is because I want to make sure my audience stays focused on the subject at hand. I want them to see the passion and the drive that I have for the subject that I am liking about and presenting to them.

I want them to stay excited with me, and as I get fired up, I want them to get fired up. Keeping people's attention is hard so when going with the flare practice you may not keep all their attention but you're sure at least to keep half the audience's attention. Just like one speaker said sex, drugs and rock and roll. That gets people's attention, and the began to want to know more about what you are saying. My advice to anyone giving a speech is to stick to the subject and be passionate about what you talk about.

Make sure you have plenty of facts as we as personal stories to back your speech up. Relax, breathe and don't' talk too fast. People want to know what you are saying and why you are saying it. Make the speech fun yet informing so that the audience doesn't have time even to think about nodding off

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