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Psychological trauma

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Deathwatches Bataan Peninsula State University Baling Campus Sandmen D. Garcia IBIS -3 Child Psychology September 11, 2014 When the punch gets stopped The flirts thing that comes to mind when people say bullying' Is punching, pushing, slapping, tripping, any physical pain that you will cause a person. And when they say 'bully, we tend to think of it as someone as large, strong, scary, muscular guy that trips on the weak smaller guy. But as the world shift into modern times, modern versions also arise.

Verbal bullying can be Just as cruel if not worse than physical bullying. And this time the emotional phase Is at stake. Not only can this cause trauma, but It also drive you crazy and cause mental Illness. The bully will give more pain mentally than physically because they will degrade their target, making them feel less about themselves. There is also this 'cyber bullying', where the bullying steps up on the high-tech level. The bully will take on less time on going to his victim to punch him.

He just texts or calls his object or uses the internet, to spread bad words bout his target. This is the issue that arouse together with the social media networks, Its negative effects In every aspect of a person, physically, mentally, emotionally. Socially. The World Wide Web Is now techno tool for these bullies to commence their operation and harass their victims online. And it doesn't stop when the target goes offline. Of course, the bullying would cause negative social views to the victims.

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They would not go out and socialize through any form because of the trauma and depression of being harassed online. I never experienced bullying. When I was a kid, I was sort of the bully. I don't know how It happened but I could make the other kids obey me whenever we play that time. Add to that I was being spoiled by my grandma, whenever my grandma would always give me what I want. I also remember biting my pre-school teacher during tutorials after class because I want to go home already. My aunts and uncles would tell stories on how I was kind of ruthless that time.

They said I would punish the kids if they disobey me by pulling heir hair straight to the ground, and I would smash their tiny little hands by a stick many times. They say I was never stopped because my grandma would always defend me. Okay, I really was a bully. I never said what I did was right. And the important thing is that mentality was straightened, somehow. I still was to persecute, yes, persecute, the deserving to be punished, really, but I don't perform it because, of course, it was a bad thought, also I think it was, in some way, childish to bully at my GE.

Although we always see the bully as the bad guy, we could perhaps understand them. If we hate them so much, we're no different to them. So let's look deep and comprehend on why these behaviors are superior to the bullies. Maybe they had a they took bullying as a defense mechanism. Bullying never really cause anything good to people. The victims would oftentimes suffer to depression, trauma, misery, inferiority, rejection, distress, and a lot more of physical, emotional, mental, social main bullying comes with.

I really am against bullying. Of course, no one would want them, or their children, or brother, or sister, or friend, or anyone close to them, to be bullied and brought down. We want to end this. We want to take a stand and protect the ones we love. We wouldn't really understand bullying and why it happens to, nowadays, a lot of people unless we open our minds. And this is one of my targets as a psychology student, to know them, understand them, and to eventually make a better change.

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