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A major issue during implementation delved on job security issues as raised by non-nationals as a result of resistance from other employees who do not want to share their work; same people also lack visibility in their other activities. For some private organizations being studied, quotas set by the Ministry of Labour for Emiratisation have not been met in certain sectors. Ministry statistics for the 3rd quarter of 2006 show only 9. 2% of private sector trade organizations meeting quota targets.

It would show that numerous private organizations are unconvinced of Emiratisation policy and are of the opinion that UAE nationals have requirements and demands in terms of employment conditions and benefit packages that are just too complex to meet plus the reality that some jobs are by nature simply unattractive to Emiratis. However, the National Human Resource Development and Employment Authority Tanmia stated that such an outlook is not representative of what is actually happening and places the responsibility of creating an environment that is appealing and encouraging to nationals in the hands of the private company.

According to the Ministry of Labour, Emiratization targets of 2% were being met by the commercial sector, with 88% meeting their targets, (923 out of 1054 companies in 2006) and 40% of companies surpassing the targeted probability. Of these 923 companies, 58% were in Dubai, 25% in Abu Dhabi, 13% in Sharjah and 4% in other emirates. These statistics are noteworthy as in actual numbers, 3,695 Emiratis were recruited in 2006 compared to only 259 Emiratis enlisted into the commercial sector in 2005. 4. 3 Concluding Remarks

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To efficient put the Emiratisation policy into action, organisations must take the challenge of identifying existing skills of their Emirati workforce and spell out knowledge gaps. These courses of actions have the potential to become the preconditions for a comprehensive preparation for employee training, performance monitoring and benchmarking. The groundwork facilitated within the Emiratisation model assimilates this need with an understanding of compensatory conversion, whereby the terms of the contract for the expatriate is fixed and non renewable, with satisfactory reward systems in place to make it meaningful.

Additionally, organizations should be obligated to reassess their organizational structure and conduct suitable adjustments to prop up change management with the intention of realizing Emiratisation effectively. As an idea, Emiratisation does have forces working to its disadvantage. Most prominent is economic relocation, the high rate at which emigrant workers continue to flood the country, principally because of more appealing employment opportunities, superior standards of living and higher incomes, as well as improved healthcare and educational services for themselves and their families, which are found in the UAE.

However, there are benefits too, as multiculturalism and diversity, such as that observed in the UAE, provides for a greater band of talented and knowledgeable individuals. This, sequentially, boosts modernization and ingenuity within society. In essence, nationalization as a prerequisite has a twofold upshot on HRM. The first is in terms of HRM having to assume multipronged methods to smooth the progress of nationalization; secondly, adjustment of HRM functions themselves to be managed by nationals, as what is discernible in the case of the UAE.

The distinctive challenges confronting HRM functions in countries with interest to promote nationalization are to trigger off nationals in dynamically participating in the interest of the national economy, to lift up the skill sets among nationals, to afford a favorable work environment and enable nationals to recognize and apply their potentials.

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